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TWG 291: Hemp foods; Are they good for you?

This week The Wellness Guys interview Paul Benhaim from Hemp Foods Australia about the world wide usage of hemp as a food source. Find out the difference between hemp, cannabis and marijuana and which ones have intoxicating effects on your body and which do not. Learn the environmental and nutritional benefits of hemp and why countries all over the world allow it as a food source and why Australia may be following suit in the very near future. Tune in for a fascinating episode of The Wellness Guys and learn so much more about this controversial, often misunderstood, topic!

TWG 290: Gut health and vegetables with Helen Padarin

This week The Wellness Guys welcome back Helen Padarin to talk about gut health and the importance of getting enough vegetable sin your diet. Known for her work in the Paleo circles some people will be surprised to hear Helen’s passion for vegetables but not those who know her (and the Paleo movement) well. She talks about the importance of a well balanced diet including plenty of healthy, seasonal and varied fruits and vegetables. Following on from the boys chat last week on gut health Helen also helps reinforce the message and adds her own gems to this very important topic.

TWG 289: Understanding Gut Health

Gut health continues to be the topic de jour in health and wellness circles and for some people it seems to be creating a bit of confusion. Enter Damian Kristof to clear the fog. In this episode Laurence and Brett pick Damian’s mind about how we work out what is actually wrong with the gut and whether some of the programs and approaches being actively promoted at the moment may in fact be doing more harm than good. Damian gives everyone a clear path to follow to work out what is wrong with them and what they need to do about it (including who they need to speak to to get a proper diagnosis and individualised plan of attack). So tune in to get the lowdown on gut health and how you can get yours back on track.

TWG 288: Sexual dysfunction with Jacqui Olliver

After popping their cherry and talking about sex a few weeks ago the boys have entered into the danger zone again, this time to talk about sexual dysfunction. It is an important topic that affects the lives of millions and this episode is chock full of important information. From the importance of the right focus, to lifestyle factors, exercises you can do (yes that’s right sexercise) and how much genetic or innate factors play a role. So whether you are suffering from these issues or you just want to maintain your sexual health this is one not to miss!

TWG 287: Inspired by Hillary

Folowing on from our last interview with an inspiring human, LT and DK interview yet another inspiring human, Hillary King-Sullivan about how life when it throws curve balls, can be tackled and dealt with accordingly. LT and DK are inspired by Hillary’s courageous story of loss, fight, grit and determination and the lengths she goes to provide an incredible and unique life experience for her two boys at a time when they too are faced with enormous shift. From one woman’s incredible story to another womans’ this week, we are certain you’ll love how Hillary has applied all that she learned in Matcha Picchu with The Up For A Chat girls and with Damian and Marcus in Ikaria in June 2016.

TWG 286: From Homeless to Spartan Racer with Leanne Anders

In this week’s episode, we explore how one woman was able to transform a troubled teen life to a mother and wife of an incredible family.  Life is never without its obstacles.  But for Leanne Anders (co-host of Bumi’s World), the obstacles began early in life.   From a troubled past including being homeless at 16 years of age, she fought through many difficulties, challenges and demons to find a better life.

Where most people would have given up, or guided down the wrong path in life, Leanne describes her battles and demons to overcome these obstacles and become a leader in her community.  She opens up to some of these challenges for the very first time and shows how she overcame these challenges in the past and present.

She discusses why she enter the Spartan Trifecta Race recently and how she was able to overcome a significant injury in the first of three big races.  She will share with you the lessons she learned and what she has taken away from it.

She will inspire you and set you up to create the most incredible year ahead of you.

You can check her podcast at http://thewellnesscouch.com/category/bumi

TWG 285: What to do after you indulge over the holidays?

Did you indulge a little too much over the holidays? Good! The Wellness Guys want you to know that it is OK to let yourself go a little over the festive season and it is even better if you have a plan of attack to help you get back on track so a few days of indulging doesn’t turn into a whole year of indulging.  Tune in to find out what Brett, Laurence and Damian do for the festive season and how they make sure they get back on the wagon ready for a massive 2017.

Want to kick start your 2017? Make sure you check out The Wellness Breakthrough. 

elves on track

TWG 284: Time with Brett and Damo – answering your questions

This week with Laurence once again away Damo and Brett decide to have another crack at answering your questions. This time from our Facebook page. The boys answer a wide range of questions from immunity to vitamin B12 and from Laurence’s productivity diary to fructose. Chances our if our Facebook fans wanted the answers to these questions that many of you have the same queries as well. So tune in for another very informative, interactive episode of The Wellness Guys Show.

TWG 283: Chasing transformations and breakthroughs

The other day Brett was contacted by one of our listeners who was lamenting that they have listened to our show for years, they have attended The Wellness Summit and they are still struggling to break through, to make the changes the wish to make. Why is that? What holds people back from making change? What is the barrier that needs to be overcome so that people can break through? Laurence, Damian and Brett discuss all of this and more in another great episode of The Wellness Guys Show!

TWG 282: Stop Chasing Happiness

Are you chasing happiness? Do you think you should be happy all the time? Do you ever feel unhappy that you are not as happy as you should be? Well this is the episode for you! Damian, Laurence and Brett delve in to not only what makes them happy but also why they understand that sometimes it is OK not to be happy and why the pursuit of perpetual happiness may just be denying you the very thing you are searching for. Confused? Good, tune in!