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TPS 238: Paleo Sweets with Kelsey Ale

This week Brett interviews Kelsey Ale about an ever favourite topic, Paleo Sweets! Kelsey shares her journey from a fat phobic vegetarian sugar addict to reclaiming her health and learning to enjoy sweets again (just a healthier version). So join us for this fun episode full of information, inspiration and a few delicious treat ideas!


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TPS 207: Adventuring on the Paleo diet

This week Brett interviews Heather Kelly from www.heatherschoice.com about how to go on adventures on The Paleo Diet. Heather is an adventurer from way back having been born right by the National Parks in Alaska and so when she converted to a Paleo diet she quickly realised she was going to have to create some healthy (lightweight) food for her to take with her. Her answer was to create her own dehydrated meals which became such a hit that her friends “triple dog dared” her to make it into her own product range. She took up the challenge and the rest is history. She shares with us her best tips to making your very own dehydrated snacks and meals for adventuring in this fascinating episode.

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TPS 206: Rheumatoid Arthritis, the role of diet and medications

This week Brett interviews Eileen Baird about her experience with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and how she has been able to manage it with a combination of mediation and dietary changes. In 2012 Eileen considered herself healthy before she started to experience debilitating aches and pains. After experimenting with a few options she found that a GAPS diet helped her drastically reduce her symptoms and and AIP (AutoImmune Paleo) protocol helped her even further. This worked well until 2016 when her symptoms came back with a vengeance and she was forced to reconsider medications. She has now found an approach that works for her and shares her story very honestly in this fascinating episode.

TPS 205: Goodies Against The Grain

This one is a really special and really inspiring episode. Tune in to find out how one 14 year old has taken charge of her food and taken charge of her health with remarkable results. Sick of her fatigue and stomach aches Sadie and her mum decided to embark on a gluten free diet in order to alleviate her symptoms and it worked for a time. She subsequently that going one step further and going Paleo relieved those symptoms for good. She now has her own blog, makes her own school lunches every day and creates, cooks and shares recipes for amazing healthy desserts with the world through her website www.goodiesagainstthegrain.com. What a remarkable girl. If you are a parent, grandparent, uncle or auntie gather your little ones around and tune in for this remarkable episode.

TPS 204: Primal Endurance

This week Brett interviews American author and former triathlete Bead Kearns about Primal Endurance. Brad has literally written the book on this topic (co-authoring it with Mark Sisson) and has a wealth of information to share about what most people are doing wrong when it comes to endurance training and the importance of exercising smartly, fuelling your body and getting plenty of rest in order to get the best results. So whether you are training for a long endurance event or just wanting to get moving for fun and health there is something in this episode for you.

TPS 203: Keto Connect

This week Brett interview Megha and Matt from Keto Connect. Since meeting online Megha and Matt have really discovered a recipe for success in their relationship and in life. Binding over a love of cooking and healthy lifestyles these two have developed a great resource for regular people wanting to find out more about a keto lifestyle. They talk about their previous experience with high carb vegetarian diets and share some great tips on eating on a budget amongst many other gems in this great episode.

TPS 202: Hashimotos and Paleo

This week on That Paleo Show Bret interviews Samantha Stephenson from Your Gluten Free Buddy about her journey with Hashimotos disease. Samantha had low energy, poor circulation, headaches, body aches and painful menstrual cramps but just thought of it as normal until pregnancy exacerbated her symptoms and she was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos disease. She shares with us how it impacted her and how she was able to reverse hr symptoms and get off of her medication with a primal lifestyle.  She is now 5 months pregnant again and doing great and shared her fantastic story with us!

TPS 201: Stupid Easy Paleo

This week Brett interviews Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo and www.stephgaudreau.com. Steph shares her journey from yoyo dieter and exerciser who didn’t like her body or her “big legs” to a motivated, inspired Paleo lifestyler, cross fitter, blogger and author. She shares with us just how stupid and easy the Paleo lifestyle can be if you choose to make it that way and don’t get too caught up in the rules and expectations. So tune in for a great simple explanation of the Paleo lifestyle and how you can easily implement it into your life!

TPS 200: Fitness modelling and Paleo

This week Brett talks to fitness model, blogger and nutritional health coach Jamie Brazie about her journey from vegetarianism to Paleo. Jamie covers a range of topics from exercise, food and mindset to skin care and more and shares a great simple message about how to easily integrate the Paleo way of life into your lifestyle. So tune in for another great interview on That Paleo Show.

TPS 199: Get back to your Rootz

This week Brett interview Harrison Levy from Rootz nutrition about what to eat when you are exercising. Harrison loves his training and does about 12 hours a week of Cross Fit style training but became frustrated at the chemical shit storm that is most commercially available pre and post workout products. He decided to do something about it, firstly just for himself (sourcing materials from the local health food shop) and now commercially with his Rootz product range. So tune in to find out what you should eat before and after a workout, whether you need pre and post workout supplementation, what you can do if you want to create your own and what you should look for if you do want to purchase a commercially available product. So tune in for some great, honest information from a guy who is passionate about sharing the benefits of real, whole food nutrition with your workouts.