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MUM 48: Karen Tham : Choosing a Home Birth

I absolutely loved this episode! Super relaxed and it was my first time interviewing my guest in person, sitting relaxed on the couch and having a chat. I could get used to it!

Not only do Karen and I have the same name (ok well you all know me as Kaz , true, which is my preferred name but Karen is the name my mum gave me) but we also speak the same language and I am not referring  to the English language if you get what I mean.

We sepak all things birth, natural parenting and loads about what to expect for new mums.


Kaz  x

Karen Tham Bio:

Karen Tham is a mother of 2 beautiful children – Kaia who is 8 and Christian who is 5.  She is a stay at home mom, chauffeur for 2 and a very talented juggler who manages to co-ordinate her children and husband’s busy schedules while trying to find time to bake cookies and read teen fiction.

Karen has 2 University degrees, a Bachelor of Commerce in Psychology and Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic.  She’s spent most of her life moving and travelling, she has a passion for Interior decor and design and is the Co-host of Inside the Champions Mind.  A podcast she shares with her husband where they discuss mindset and their stories and challenges in Life, Love and Legacy.

Karen’s Deets:

http://thewellnesscouch.com where She co-hosts the podcast “Inside the Champion’s” mind with her husband Laurence Tham.


MOM 82: From bike to barbell – Myffy Galloway and how to balance business and barbells

from growing up professional road racing to moving her passion and interests into the gym and running a business. Both Lauren and Myffy are nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the year awards coming up and they discuss how they juggle the good and the bad and still stay on top of their fitness.

A must not miss episode for anyone that juggles both business and barbells.

MOM 81: To skinfold or not to skinfold?

Sitting on opposite sides of the argument, Dave and Lauren go into their own experience and clients experience as to why you should and why you shouldn’t measure weight, skinfolds and body fat.

With a spin on mindset, this is a great podcast for anyone that is measured or measures.

MOM 80: The emotional bank account and its role in over training.

Understanding the balance of good nutrition and training is only one aspect of health. One aspect that is often not talked about is the effects that high levels of stress and exhaustion can have on your body and your health.

From getting rid of vampires to not taking gap years, this podcast covers what most aren’t prepared to talk about.

Quote of the episode: you have to be in a marriage with your future and work on that relationship every single day.

Links: The Courageous Collective – https://moxxigroup.com/courageouscollective/

MOM 79: The 2 questions everyone must ask themselves to move on

Fresh from a conversation about making the best decision for yourself, Dave dissects the two biggest questions he believes needs to be asked in order to find clarity in your next move.

Lauren brings reason and science to the equation and shares personal stories where she has helped people get through the exact same scenario.

If you find it difficult in moving on and creating clarity than this episode is for you.

MOM 78: How to juggle life and business and still win

Isn’t it frustrating when we can win in one area of our lives and be so mediocre in other areas?

In this episode we use one of Laurens clients as a case study to pull apart ideas on how to win in health, life and in business.

If you find it difficult to juggle your fitness and business or life in general then this is a must not miss episode.

MOM 77: Post Summit Pizza’s

As The Wellness Summit 2016 wraps up the Gen Y podcasters, fans and volunteers retreat to the haven of a Brunswick apartment to talk all things Wellness Summit, wellness, perceived value and coconuts.

A rare insight into the real discussions that actually happen behind the scenes of one of the most influential podcasts in Australia.

It’s not to be missed… for the impressions alone.

MOM 76: WARNING: RANT ENCLOSED! [behind closed doors of coaches and high performers]

30 minutes of the most truthful content we have released yet. From the belly of the beast, Lauren delivers some real world stories and experience from her own elite coaching. Dave delivers some of the more straight advice that has been shaped by 5000 clients and 12 years into the fitness industry.

This one is not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

Quote: a good coach knows when to push, but more important knows when to pull.

MOM 75: Christmas Abbott and the bad-ass body movement

Christmas Abbott has gone through a full transformation from partying teens, to service in Iraq, right through to today where she inspires thousands of both Women and Men around the world to become their own version of a badass.

Christmas has an absolutely infectious energy that is both electric and calming. In this episode not only does Christmas go into her story of transformation but she also gives us a glimpse of whats to come for both her and her thousands of dedicated followers.

This is a must listen episode of laughs, health tips and all round badassery.

P.s. Have you downloaded my most recent eBook yet? If you are even mildly involved in the fitness industry then it is a must read. CLICK HERE to check it out!

MOM 74: How to find balance in a imbalanced world

We are constantly having others push their values and ideals onto us in the form of words like “burn out” and “balance”.

Amongst this noise it is important we find out own balance and truly learn to understand ourselves.

Dave and Lauren go through some home truths and killer strategies to leave you with what you need to find balance within your own life.