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100NO 233: STAND UP, stop sitting and live longer with Daniel Angelini

Daniel Angelini worked in the IT industry for 12 years and some of the biggest companies in Australia including Telstra, ANZ and more recently at Uber.

Daniel Angelini sat working for at least 12 hours per day, and after he and other family members experienced back injuries, he began to investigate the impact of sitting and health.

Daniel has gone to write a remarkable book titled The Sitting Epidemic and design the remarkable MOVI Stand Up Desk, which has been created with the backing of health experts and research from over 80 medical journals. The result is hands down in our humble opinion … the world’s leading stand up desk.

Most importantly, designs such as Daniel can help all members of society. From school students who are learning from a very young age that sitting is normal (when it’s not) to the corporate world and retirees alike. If you only get one thing from this podcast, may it be that you commit to reducing your sitting time each and every day. The decision could give you a greater quality and quantity of life.

NOTE: The MOVI Stand Up Desk has just been launched worldwide on Kickstarter and you can get in early with a remarkable early bird offer. We believe it would make an incredible Christmas present for the family and/or a necessary improvement to the workspace. Find out more go to www.moviworkspace.com

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100NO 201: Celebrating life or commiserating death? The tricky bind

Damian has recently farewelled his step mum, Dawn, who passed away following a short battle with cancer.

In this episode Damian shares some of his emotions and observations, particularly around whether one’s passing is an opportunity to celebrate life or to commiserate death (or both?).

A very honest, open and vulnerable episode of 100 Not Out.

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100NO 200: Our most powerful mentors

100 Not Out turns 200 Not Out! On this very special episode we reveal our greatest mentors in life – and the answers may surprise you.

There is no denying the influence of mentors in our life – both empowering and disempowering. Anyone who has had a troubled upbringing via disempowered parents can attest to the struggle they have had to overcome as a result of it. Conversely, anyone who has benefitted greatly from mentors will only too happily share just what impact it has had.

So we both share our greatest personal and professional mentors in the hope that you will identify who yours are too, and fill in any missing gaps should you need to.

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100NO 199: Longevity Wisdom & Retire On Fire with Shona Olykan

Shona Olykan was the most senior member of the 2016 100 Not Out Longevity Retreat to Ikaria.

At the ripe young age of 76, Shona was a great source of insight AND entertainment.

Months on from the retreat we’re busting to know what impact the Ikaria experience has had on this septuagenarian angel from New Zealand. Her answers will fascinate!

To get in touch with Shona you can email her shonaolykan@gmail.com

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100NO 198: From Extreme To Balance With Hillary King-Sullivan

This is an inspiring story about someone who, liked thousands of others in the health and wellness world, thought that her “extreme” behaviour was a “balanced life”. Can you relate to this?

For Hillary King-Sullivan, attending the 100 Not Out Longevity Retreat to Ikaria was the turning point. She described the event not as a holiday or a retreat, but an immersion, which is why, in her own words, she has made such incredible, lasting change since.

Tune in for this remarkable story of transformation and inspiration. And if you’re ready to make a significant shift in your life, just like Hillary did, come and join us in Ikaria for the 2017 Greek Island Longevity Retreat.

Also, for more on Hillary’s incredible back story, listen to episode 287 of The Wellness Guys, where LT and Damian ask Hillary about the premature death of her husband and how she has raised her two incredible sons, Hamish & Giles.

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100NO 197: Bette Green: 92 & Flying

Bette Green is not your average 92 year old. A remarkable woman who has made the headlines for her active exercise habit – you can read more on that here – but what you’ll find in this interview is that Bette is an incredible example of living the 100 Not Out Lifestyle.

She has grieved for children and still maintains optimism. She has seen world wars take place, and still loves the world we live in. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life, and doesn’t get caught up in bright shiny objects.

In short, Bette Green is a marvellous template for living the 100 Not Out life.

Time is running out to join us on our 100 Not Out Longevity Retreat to Ikaria. Registrations close January 30. All details here or at www.100notout.com/ikaria

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100NO 196: China’s Hottest Grandpa Challenges Our Thoughts

The incredible story of Wang Deshun (aka China’s Hottest Grandpa) was the tipping point of inspiration for Marcus to do an about-face and jump in the ocean with Damian, Don Riddington and a group of 100 Not Out Lifestyle Event attendees.

Wang Deshun is not unlike many of the 100 Not Out legends we have interviewed on this podcast. He is determined, has a very clear vision, and does not let his age limit any objective.

There is so much wisdom in the living legends we are fortunate to live with today. Wang is just one of them. We encourage you to use people like Wang as vehicles to challenge ANY limiting beliefs you have about your life.

Find out more about Wang here

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100NO 195: 2017 Predictions

The annual fortune telling episode of 100 Not Out is here! Since 2014 we have accurately identified the nature of the universe and all its deviations to within a nanosecond! Hehe, OK seriously. There are always trends developing whilst others are on the decline, particularly when it comes to food, movement and personal growth.

We go through what has been popular in 2016, what is likely to become unpopular in 2017, and what the new kid on the block in the wellness world will be.

In 2017 we RETURN to IKARIA for the 9-night 10-day transformational 100 Not Out Greek Island Longevity Retreat. Registrations close January 30! Click here to find out more and to book your spot!

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100NO 194: Christmas Stress Tips

It’s easy to fall in a heap at Christmas time. Family stress, financial stress, logistical stress, year-end functions and social gatherings, and so on.

On this episode of 100 Not Out we work through some of the more challenging parts of Christmas (dealing with grief, sickness, etc) and provide some insights as to how to navigate this time of the year.

100NO 193: One Year No Beer With Andy Ramage

Our guest on this edition of 100 Not Out is a fascinating human being.

Andy Ramage is a former professional athlete turned oil broker who decided to go one year without beer – and it has stuck.

Andy is also a master practitioner of NLP, a mindfulness based awareness coach and is currently studying for a master’s degree in both positive psychology and coaching psychology.

A love of wellbeing and peak performance led Andy to stop drinking alcohol in the face of massive social pressure. Running a brokerage in the city and ‘not drinking’ is almost unheard of. From this experience he realised that there were probably millions of others out there desperate for a break from alcohol who could not overcome this pressure. So he wrote a book and co-founded a movement with Ruari Fairbairn’s called OneYearNoBeer a 30, 90 and 365 day alcohol free challenge to change peoples perception of alcohol.

Andy’s unique background, education and experience of running OneYearNoBeer make him one of the world’s leading habit change experts.

Questions we ask Andy on this episode include –

Q: Why did you go One Year No Beer?

Q: What’s the response been like from your peer group?

Q: Andy you’re a former professional athlete turned oil broker – how has the response been amongst friends with your approach?

Q: During this process Andy dropped from 28% body-fat to 10% & his daily routines make sure he is in better physical health than ever been before – Was it just NO BEER that made the change?

Q: What do you say to people who have a drink every now and again. Like one beer a week or fortnight, or just a random glass of wine?

Q: What impact has OYNB / going without beer had on your family life?

Q: Is OYNB mainly for people who feel that beer (or alcohol) is weilding too big an influence in their life?

Q: Let’s discuss some of the 7 tips in the Mind Body Green article by Andy


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