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Star Profile | Mike Christian – The Iron Warrior Interview Part 1


Star Profile: Mike Christian - The Iron Warrior Interview Part 1

The Super Supplement | Leucine – #1 Muscle Activator


The Super Supplement: Leucine - #1 Muscle Activator

TCP 51: Selective Mutism

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare chats with Susannah Bryant about an anxiety disorder named Selective Mutism. It is a condition that these two Mums have experienced first hand-prepare for an episode that’s an engaging blend of personal experience and professional ‘how-to’.

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TPS 207: Adventuring on the Paleo diet

This week Brett interviews Heather Kelly from about how to go on adventures on The Paleo Diet. Heather is an adventurer from way back having been born right by the National Parks in Alaska and so when she converted to a Paleo diet she quickly realised she was going to have to create some healthy (lightweight) food for her to take with her. Her answer was to create her own dehydrated meals which became such a hit that her friends “triple dog dared” her to make it into her own product range. She took up the challenge and the rest is history. She shares with us her best tips to making your very own dehydrated snacks and meals for adventuring in this fascinating episode.

p.s. if you are interested in finding out more details and being the first to have access to the VERY limited tickets for the That Paleo Show Kokoda trek in July this year, then register your interest by signing up for the email list here

MUM 062: “Best Of” #6 Rhea Dempsey – Reframing Pain

This has got to be THE episode that I always get first time mums to listen to. No matter what type of birth they are planning, they need to understand the principles that Rhea teaches in this episode.  This episode without doubt belongs in our Best Of series!!  And every woman should know these principles on pain before going into their first labour.

This is light bulb going off “aha moment” kind of stuff and I am thrilled to bring this information to you.

Rhea was a joy to have on the show. So informative. So wise and such a  joy to listen to.

A blessing to the birth world and a woman of such wisdom.

I am so happy to share this important message from Rhea and I love her chosen quote..

“you don’t have to like it to do it brilliantly”  from a fellow birth worker.

Rhea’s Bio:
Rhea Dempsey is a highly respected childbirth educator, author, speaker, counselor and birth attendant with experience at over 1000 births. With adult daughters and grandchildren of her own, Rhea’s understanding of birth has been gained over four decades of working with pregnant women, their partners, support people, midwives and medical practitioners, in home and hospital settings.


X Kaz

THE 25: The Slow Health Movement with Madison Black

This is one ripper episode that you will not want to miss (gosh that makes me sound like a salesperson doesn’t it?)! Seriously though, I have listened to the recording three times and am still not bored with it. Madison Black is a gal on a mission to make health relatable, achievable, loveable and a progression, rather than a “quick-fix” or “band-wagon”. Her and her fiancé Rory (he is a Personal Trainer) have started their own business called Slow Health, where they use social media (they’ve got a podcast in the works too so watch this space) to share the message that health can be fun, easy and the best thing you ever look into.

In this fun episode, we talk about everything! Movement, body image (from both ends of the spectrum), food (of course!), how to ease into the health the gentle way (there’s even a hashtag #Yoslow as opposed to #YOLO) and a few bits and bobs in between. Madison has such a down-to-earth approach to health and we became instant besties over the recording (yep, we’d never met before and now it feels like we’re old friends … so hopefully you get that vibe too).

Sometimes we just need some easy listening with just the right balance of light-heartedness and information. Tune in and prepare to be refreshed by Madison’s wisdom beyond her years!

Loved Madison? (Rhetorical Question of course you did!!!) Follow her …

Bodybuilding Success – “Doesn’t Happen Overnight” Says Kai Greene


Bodybuilding Success - "Doesn't Happen Overnight" Says Kai Greene

Back Workout Training Tips & Routines – Basic Training


Back Workout Training Tips & Routines - Basic Training

28 Classic Years | A snapshot guide to the history of the Arnold Classic


28 Classic Years - A Snapshot Guide to the History of the Arnold Classic

28 Classic Years | A snapshot guide to the history of the Arnold Classic


28 Classic Years - A Snapshot Guide to the History of the Arnold Classic