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SHY 38: Loudy Wiggins – Helping busy new mums get back to fitness

Today’s guest is a name many of you will know. Her Olympic career in the sport of diving spanned from 1991 – 2012. She was a four time Olympian, a dual Olympic Medalist, three time World Championship Silver medalist and a triple Commonwealth Games Champion.

But there’s so much more to Loudy Wiggins. She also has qualifications as a Personal Trainer, and Nutrition and Wellness Coach. She now focuses on helping women of all shapes and sizes (yep – busy women like you and me!) to reach their health and fitness goals. And as a mum of two children, she knows what it’s like to have to juggle a busy schedule in the real world and still achieve her goals.

We chat about what health and fitness can do for your mind (not just your body!) and the best way to return to fitness after having a baby.

“Slow and steady always wins the race”

We discuss:

  • Why new mums shouldn’t aim to lose weight too quickly
  • Why it’s difficult for some women to lose weight (hint: it’s not always about what you eat!)
  • Why counting calories isn’t necessary for weight loss
  • What types of exercise work best for new mums
  • The effects that stress has on our health, and the health of our unborn kids
  • Why training at 60% might be better than smashing yourself at 100%

Loudy is also a massive foodie! Find out her ninja tips for feeding a family with minimal fuss and maximum nutrition. Discover her favourite go-to meals that everyone will love.

We also have a chat about food “rewards” and why our mindset around treats has to change.

“A piece of dark chocolate goes a long long way”

If you saw the word “Olympian” and were expecting a hardcore “make-pain-your-friend” type personal trainer, well… you’re going to be sorely mistaken. Tune in and let Loudy give you a candid dose of wellness tips for ALL women, no matter what your fitness background.

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WAY 22: Joanne and Tracey from Sistermixin

A new episode of my podcast, episode 22, is live for your listening pleasure.
In this new episode meet two amazing ladies, Joanne and Tracey the founders of Sistermixin. These ladies will help and educate you to make the changes you need to live your best additive free life. They are passionate about changing the way you look at food by spreading the message that additives and preservatives can be toxic to your health. Their mission is to educate everyone on exactly what we are eating, what is in our food and some of the harmful effects this can have on your health. Their individual stories will inspire you and move you to tears possibly, Joanne and Tracey will show you that the human spirit can achieve anything and help you make the necessary changes to live your healthiest lives possible. I hope you enjoy this episode. Love wendy

Low Testosterone? Five Causes of Low Testosterone (With Simple Solutions!)

NTM 84: Accepting the Unexpected

When life throws you a curve ball, what do you do? What are your options? How can you gleam the wisdom sooner, rather than later? In this episode Bridget opens up the conversation on some very real and intimate recent experiences of Julie’s, in the hopes we create discussion on ever deeper aspects of motherhood.

UC 217: Ketosis in a Pill

The Up For a Chatters tackle the trendy new diet – Keto Diet and the new supplement that promises ketogenesis.  Cyndi begins by explaining the term ketogenesis and the different energy systems in the body.  She then explains about exogenous ketones, which Kim reveals she has been taking.  The hour ends with a wonderful recipe –

Keto Coffee – 1 shot of coffee, 1TBS coconut oil, 1TBS butter or ghee or cream 2 Changing Habits Caco Wafers and 1 TBS of almond butter, add 1 cup hot water.  Put into thermomix take temperature to 70C then froth by taking the speed to 10 for 15 seconds.  Enjoy a drink that helps you make ketones.

Attached is an article on what was talked about in the hour.

Ron Harris Named Online Editor of Muscular Development


Ron Harris Named Online Editor of Muscular Development

100NO 200: Our most powerful mentors

100 Not Out turns 200 Not Out! On this very special episode we reveal our greatest mentors in life – and the answers may surprise you.

There is no denying the influence of mentors in our life – both empowering and disempowering. Anyone who has had a troubled upbringing via disempowered parents can attest to the struggle they have had to overcome as a result of it. Conversely, anyone who has benefitted greatly from mentors will only too happily share just what impact it has had.

So we both share our greatest personal and professional mentors in the hope that you will identify who yours are too, and fill in any missing gaps should you need to.

To find out more about Damian click here

To find out more about Marcus click here

TWG 290: Gut health and vegetables with Helen Padarin

This week The Wellness Guys welcome back Helen Padarin to talk about gut health and the importance of getting enough vegetable sin your diet. Known for her work in the Paleo circles some people will be surprised to hear Helen’s passion for vegetables but not those who know her (and the Paleo movement) well. She talks about the importance of a well balanced diet including plenty of healthy, seasonal and varied fruits and vegetables. Following on from the boys chat last week on gut health Helen also helps reinforce the message and adds her own gems to this very important topic.

Testosterone-Induced Water Retention – How To Combat It


Testosterone-Induced Water Rention - How to Combat It.

Andy Trust & Andy Huang’s Back & Biceps Workout Video


Andy Trust & Andy Huang Train Back & Biceps