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2017 Bodybuilding Predictions – Shawn Ray Unleashed Ep 14


2017 Bodybuilding Predictions - Shawn Ray Unleashed Ep 14

Improving Sexual Function – Science Tells How


Improving Sexual Function - Science Tells How

MD All Access with Dallas McCarver – Working with Chad Nicholls


MD All Access with Dallas McCarver - Working with Chad Nicholls

THE 22: Getting Philosophical with Fouad Kassab

What a treat I have for you this fortnight lovely ones!!! 90 whole minutes of wisdom and a-ha’s from one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Found Kassab is one inspirational man. Overcoming the adversity of growing up in a war-torn country (the stuff that us Aussie kids could only imagine in our worst nightmares!), Fouad came to live in Australia in 2001 where he began studies in software engineering, having already begun studying English Literature and Biology back home. Living away from home for the first time, he had to learn how to cook and this sparked a life-long passion for whole, nourishing, wild foods.

It was this passion that eventually helped Fouad change the direction of his health and his happiness. Growing up in the midst of a civil war, not only was he born into a stressful lifestyle, but he didn’t have access to quality food (but rather food aid … think bleached white wheat flour, canola oil, sugar, ultra processed cheese and spam … yes lovely ones, all the foods we love to hate on here at Healthy Exception HQ) or even the medical care he needed (he was given repeat prescriptions for antibiotics for most of his life, just to avoid hospitalisation as hospitals were bomb targets (crazy right? The closest we’ve probably come to that sort of scenario is watching Mockingjay Part 1).

This left Fouad overweight and fatigued with debilitating inflammation that caused him lots of skin problems. Once his first daughter was born, he realised that something had to change and after reading a thought-provoking article in the New York Times, he changed his diet (and as a chef, this wasn’t too hard as he could easily invent recipes that catered to his new eating habits). He lost weight, regained energy and slowly saw changes in his skin – something he’d been struggling with since his childhood and had been told was “genetic” and “there was nothing he could do about it”.

Fouad is so much more than his health journey though and from here we discuss some of the exciting projects he’s been involved in, his upcoming cookbook with Jo from episode 20 and go down a bit of a rabbit hole of philosophy where we talk about getting back to a empowered and free lifestyle with less stress and more passion.

I had a smile on my face for the entire podcast recording and I hope you love the end product as much as we loved bringing it to you.

If you love Fouad as much as Jo and do (and want to stalk him like Jo did … just kidding, but seriously, he’s a great man to follow) you can find him at …

and on Facebook, search: Fouad Kassab Health

and you can listen in each fortnight to his podcast with Jo at or if you use the iTunes podcast app then you can just access it through there

TCP 48: He’ll Grow Out of It

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare talks about the importance of listening to that gut feeling you have about your child’s development.

He’ll grow out of it.

She’ll be fine.

All children develop in their own way.

Just give it some time.

Are you one of the thousands of parents who’ve been told this? By friends? By family? By a GP? By a pediatrician? By a care provider? And yet, despite every reassurance offered, you still have this heavy feeling that something’s not quite right in regards to your child’s development. Are you going to listen to it?

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TPS 201: Stupid Easy Paleo

This week Brett interviews Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo and Steph shares her journey from yoyo dieter and exerciser who didn’t like her body or her “big legs” to a motivated, inspired Paleo lifestyler, cross fitter, blogger and author. She shares with us just how stupid and easy the Paleo lifestyle can be if you choose to make it that way and don’t get too caught up in the rules and expectations. So tune in for a great simple explanation of the Paleo lifestyle and how you can easily implement it into your life!

MUM 056: Dana Lindzon : The Sacredness of Birth

After trying to get Dana on for a while, finally our diaries collided as we got to hear her insight on the sacredness of birth. We talk empowered women, placentas, crossing over tot hat mystical realm in birth and so much more.  I am grateful for the work she does, the insight she has and that she was able to share with us.


Kaz xx

Dana Lindzon Bio:

I am a Canadian Born Mother of 3 daughters.  I originally moved to Holland in 1999 to continue my advanced studies at the Art Academy in Amsterdam- The Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Art and creativity were always at the centre of my life since my earliest days but when I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2005, the focus of my life was forever transformed.  Nothing I’ve experienced so far was as remarkable or exciting as this first journey through pregnancy, the indescribable wild intensity of giving birth for the first time and then of course becoming a mother, a mother!!!!

This to me was true creation, and I couldn’t wait to go through it again.  A real shift for me came in 2008 when I gave birth to my second daughter.  My first daughter was born in a hospital.  It was a positive experience, so we did not really think about our options and were planning on returning for the second birth as well.  As things turned out, this second birth progressed so quickly, and so effortlessly, that there was no choice actually but to birth at home.  I was given this huge gift that I had previously no real idea about, and had an amazing, life changing home birth experience.  After this birth I felt like shouting from every rooftop: DO YOU KNOW WHAT BIRTH CAN BE LIKE!!!!!

I was drawn to every pregnant woman I saw and was on a mission to understand and share with women (any woman who would listen) what an incredibly positive, joyous, transformative experience birth can be.  This was a defining moment in my life and the moment in which I feel that I truly became a doula.  Since that birth I have been immersed in educating myself in everything I could find about birth, sifting through the current predominant disempowering beliefs and fears and getting to the roots of the transformative, empowering and sacred aspects of birth as mother nature intended, and which I have come to understand, is our birth-right as women.  There was no turning back.

My 3rd daughter was born in 2011, this time it was a planned home birth. It has been a totally unexpected blessing to be able to support women in childbirth.  I am now, besides being the proud, active mother to my 3 school aged children, a full time certified doula and birth coach, and an active presence in the Birth Community hosting workshops, events and gatherings on a regular basis for pregnant women, new mothers, women preparing for pregnancy and birth professionals in Amsterdam.

Dana’s Resources:

Book : Frederick Leboyer “Birth Without Violence”

Book : Sunni Karli “Sacred Birthing”

Book: Nancy Badacke “Mindful Birthing”

Dana’s Links:


website :


Anabolic Research On Orals & MCT Oil, Omega-6 & Taurine


Anabolic Research On Orals & MCT Oil, Omega-6 & Taurine

Brandon Allen & Andy Huang Squat Heavy – Brandon Hits 825lbs


Brandon Allen & Andy Huang: Heavy Squat Training - Working up to 825lbs

2001 Olympia – Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler?


2001 Olympia - Ronnie or Jay? Includes Individual Judges Scores