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Ten Tips To Improve Your Workout Routine From Start To Finish

NTM 71: Zen As Fuck: What To Do With All-Consuming Anger

Amid the plethora of ambitious ‘mindful mothering’ content, Julie and Bridget get real on the realities of anger in motherhood, how to understand it, find it’s gifts and transform it in a way that is enriching and constructive for ourselves and our children.

UC 204: Body Image with Suzi Le Fanue

Kim spoke at the local screening of Embrace along with Suzi, they were floored by the disrespect many people in the film had,  in despising their bodies and themselves.  The conversation begins with where did this dislike come from what are the outside forces perpetuating this disrespect for oneself and body image. Health of the body is a target to reach rather than striving for the perfect number on the scales, achieving this is harder than we think in this modern world.

Nathan De Asha’s Post-Win Interview – IFBB Ferrigno Legacy 2016


Nathan De Asha's Post-Win Interview at the 2016 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy

Nathan De Asha’s Photoshoot Video – Iron Rebel


Nathan De Asha's Photoshoot Video with Iron Rebel

Anabolics 101 – Featuring Masteron (drostanolone propionate)


Anabolics 101 - Featuring Masteron (drostanolone propionate)

Bodybuilding Nutrition | 50 Secrets of the Pros – Part 3


Bodybuilding Nutrition: 50 Secrets of the Pros Part 3

100NO 187: Mindfulness: Myth or Mastery with Marvin Oka

It seems everyone is on about mindfulness. What exactly is it, how do you truly master it, and is it just another trend?

Marvin Oka is an NLP Master trainer and Executive Director of Behavioural Modelling Research. Marvin is a highly sought after international consultant and speaker specializing in leading edge behavioral change technologies & research. Recognised as a world leader in his field, Marvin has built an impressive track record helping people & organisations with strategic, systemic and personal change.

Marvin has also been featured on The Wellness Guys on episode 219

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TWG 277: Integrative Cardiology with Dr Ross Walker

This week Damian and Brett interview Integrative Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker about heart health, happiness, exercise and diet. Find out the keys to looking after your heart in a holistic, preventative way rather than waiting for the crisis and requiring drugs and surgery. Find out why Dr Ross says that diets don’t work and what he thinks of Cross Fit amongst many other gems in this very informative, fun episode.

Finals Wrap-up Video – IFBB Ferrigno Legacy 2016


Shawn & Chris Wrap-up Finals at the 2016 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy