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KBS 40: Entrepreneurship, Governments & Becoming Grown Ups with The Boyz

These massive topics of life are the kind of conversations I only have with a few people. Those people I consider serious enough to be worthy of taking seriously. And those lighthearted enough to laugh about our conclusions & insecurities, all of which come up in this round-table discussion between myself, Nic Laidlaw & Joshua Dittmer.

Josh Dittmer is a fitness professional specialising in a holistic approach to pain free efficient movement and an increased quality of life.

With a history in professional junior surfing and early exposure to Eastern medicine, yoga and meditation, Nic Laidlaw truly embodies his philosophies on life & wellness.

This episode is brought to you by The Heal Your Gut Tour & The Gut Healing Protocol which can all be found at!

RFR 88: Eat Clean with Luke Hines

In Episode 88 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by Luke Hines. Some of you may be familiar with Luke from his My Kitchen Rules days, but Luke has since paved his own path in the health and fitness arena, releasing 6 cookbooks with Scott Gooding, and now launching his very own cookbook, Eat Clean. Press play and enjoy the show.

Show notes:

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Guy Cisternino’s Triceps Workout – 4 Weeks Out – Mr. Olympia 2016


Guy Cisternino Trains Triceps 4 Weeks Out - Mr. Olympia 2016

Jay Cutler & Flex Wheeler – Olympia Q&A Part 1 – Mr. Olympia 2016


Jay Cutler & Flex Wheeler Olympia Q&A - Part 1

SHY 16: Alice Nicholls (The Whole Daily) – On stress, addiction, and our mind-body connection

This week I chat with one of the trailblazers in the health blogging world – Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily. Although she’s a beacon of light in the wellness industry, she wasn’t always this healthy and happy. She’s battled some pretty dark demons, but has come out the other side stronger, focused and determined to help others live their best possible lives.

Find out Alice’s views on busy lifestyles and the effect they have on our health. Learn tips and tricks for self-care and mindfulness, even when you think you don’t have time. We then jump further down the rabbit hole and deep dive into the connection between stress, anger and disease.

We talk about chronic illness, pain, and the long road back to wellness through changing your mindset. We also delve into the challenges and frustrations of dealing with family members who are ill, and what to do when they won’t follow what you think is best for them (ah… don’t we all have one of these people in our lives???).

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, addictions or overwhelm, listen to this episode for some simple takeaways to help you on your road back to health and clarity.

This is one strong, conscious lady with a beautiful, pragmatic attitude – you’re gonna love where this conversation goes!

Want to find Alice online?

Head to

Here’s a link to Masaru Emoto’s work, which is mentioned in the interview:


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WAY 11: Why The Wellness Summit 2016?

In this episode I chat about The Wellness Summit and the impact it has had on my life.  I am also joined by my husband Duncan who shares his thoughts on The Summit and what it has meant to him.  I encourage you to listen and I encourage you to attend the Summit if possible.

Random Memories from the 1992 Mr. Olympia


Random Memories from the 1992 Olympia

Guy Cisternino’s Biceps Workout – 4 Weeks Out – Mr. Olympia 2016


Guy Cisternino Trains Biceps 4 Weeks Out - Mr. Olympia 2016

Targeting the Lower Abs – Science Shows How


Targeting the Lower Abs - Science Shows How

WWR 48: Period Pain

Tune into to hear ‘The Period Whisperer’ herself, aka Dr Andrea, explain the reason why some women have worse period pain than others and the best holistic solutions to combat the pain! In this weeks episode of Wellness Women Radio we delve into a subject that affects 90% of women, which can be completely crippling and debilitating but doesn’t necessarily need to be such a big problem!