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TCP: 35 Inside a Consult

In this episode, Clare details what happens before, during and after a consult. This is an ideal podcast to listen in to, if you want to know more about the world of primitive reflex integration 1:1. Or you may simply feel like being nosey and that’s OK too!

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MUM 030: Tasha Jennings – Conceive Baby

Tasha Jennings’ Bio

Tasha Jennings is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 15 years experience. She’s an expert contributor to media publications including the Age, the Herald Sun, New Idea, the Bub Hub, Yahoo 7, Mouths of Mum’s as well other parenting magazines, websites and medical journals. She has presented on TV shows such as the Kerry Anne Morning Show, has been a keynote speaker at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo’s as well as running presentations and trainings for IVF specialists, nurses and other medical professionals.

Inspired by her desire to start a family Tasha has specialized in fertility and pregnancy for the past 5 years through her company Zycia, which means ‘life’ and specializes in providing premium nutrition for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Tasha is the author of two books, the Vitamins Guide and The Fertility Diet and her new venture brings together an expert panel of fertility specialists to provide qualified information for couples wanting to conceive and carry healthy babies. Proudest achievement however, is as Mum to her 2 young children. Having struggled with fertility herself and come through the other side to now have the wonderful family she always dreamed of she is now passionate about helping others achieve that same dream.

“Being the best mum starts well before birth”

Tasha’s Tips/Resources
Safe Sleep Space

Nourish Baby – Online Antenatal Classes

Tasha’s Deets/ Links

Website Zycia
Facebook Page Zycia

Website Conceive baby Website
Facebook Page Conceive Baby

The Vitamins Guide

The Fertility Diet

TPS 175: Jelly, lollies and marshmallows

This week Brett went on a camping adventure with his kids and decided that he just couldn’t do it without marshmallows. So he called in a little help from his friend Aimee from Primal Influence. Whilst Brett’s marshmallow making wasn’t actually much of a success (because he didn’t follow the recipe properly) it did open up a can of worms about gelatin, jelly, lollies and marshmallows that he thought was worth sharing with you all. So tune in this week for a fun adventure into the world of gelatin and yummy Paleo deserts!

THE 09: That Immune Episode

It’s well and truly winter and there’s no denying it, so mamma bear and I thought we better do an episode all about the immune system – especially considering the gut series is continuing and 70% of the immune system is located in the gut! We talk illness prevention, the importance of stopping to rest, why suppression those inconvenient symptoms might be counterproductive in a lot of cases, nursing yourself back to health and finally we give a quick synopsis of what auto-immunity is (and why you do NOT want it!!!). The take home; don’t wait until you get sick to start looking after yourself. Be the healthy exception and start today, who know??? You might go a whole winter season without so much as a sniffle. Big hugs and enjoy lovely ones.

Bring the Pain: Seth Feroce Meets the Maryland Muscle Machine! Part 3


 TBT - Seth Feroce Trains Legs with Kevin Levrone - Part 3

Will Kai Greene Compete? – Bob Gets the Answer On TLR


Will Kai Greene Compete? Bob Gets the Answer on TLR!

Chest Blitz with IFBB Pro & IFN Athlete Iain Valliere


Chest Blitz with IFBB Pro & IFN Athlete Iain Valliere

RFR 79 : A Nourished Life and the Best Toxin Free Brands with Irene Falcone

In Episode 79 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by Irene Falcone from Nourished Life. Irene shares her story and why she set up Australia’s home of toxin free living. As a gift to you, please use the discount code SHOP to receive 10% off any purchases from

Show Notes:

Why you should shop at Nourished Life:

Nourished Life: (use the code SHOP for 10% off)

Irene’s magnesium prediction:

The Natural Nutritionist (TNN) – Steph Lowe BSpExSc GDipHumNutr NSA.

Leading Australian Sports Nutritionist specialising in gluten free and refined sugar free food, fuelling and real food education.

f /thenaturalnutritionist
i @thenaturalnutritionist
t @natnutritionist

Clinic location: The Woodshed, Level 1, 643 Nepean Highway, Brighton East 3187.

Please book or reschedule your appointment here:

BW 9: Rory Bland- The Whole Food Dude

I wonder if you can relate to any of the below:

  • depression
  • acne
  • fatigue
  • disordered eating
  • lack of-purpose-it-is!
  • Having a health scare and seemingly waking up, in the same body, but with a new statement in your mind, “I’ve got to change my life and my health”

If you can relate (or even if you can’t actually), then you’ll get a lot out of this week’s podcast.

Today on the show we have the spectacular Whole Food Dude, also know as Super Rory Bland of the Universe (actually he’s just called Rory Bland, but I think he’d like us calling him by the title Super Rory Bland of the Universe).

Rory is a 26 year old man of amazement, who is on a mission to bring joy, love and hilarity to the healthy living, healthy eating realm.

His childhood challenges, as listed above, have put him on a mission: to make healthy eating a way of life, by teaching children healthy eating habits right from the day dot.

To do this he launched a career as the Whole Food Dude, using Greens Smoothies, music and workshops to inspire children and parents to eat real food. His hilarious parody’s are a must watch! If you want to see him dancing with wheat grass around a farmer’s market while singing, DzI’m Organic and I know it!dz then you have to watch his hilarious clips on his YouTube channel:

Rory’s latest project, DzFood Toonsdz, is what we’re most excited about thougb! And it was so exciting to talk to him about this. Food Toons is a colouring book and cartooning program that teaches children about the dangers of sugar and the importance of healthy food. In Food Toons, Bruno Banana and his friends of Foodtown band together to convince the Sugar Queen to not turn Foodtown into Junk Food Town!!!!

Learn more about it here:

And to find our more about Rory Bland himself, head to the following locations:

Join Bruno Banana and his friends in Foodtown as we bring food and cartoons together and discover their special super-food-powers which can be used against the Sugar Queen’s plot to turn Foodtown into JUNKFOOD town!

ITCM 99: The Constant Challenge of Life Purpose

The penultimate episode before triple digits! We get all deep and meaningful on this episode (particularly Laurence) in relation to life purpose and the constant challenge many of us face in evolving ourselves and living our best life.

LT hits the nail on the head around the overwhelm of opportunity and we discuss how we can create fulfilment in today’s ever-changing world, particularly on meeting our needs simply.