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Bodybuilding’s New A-Team – Dallas McCarver & Matt Jansen


Bodybuilding's New A Team? How Dallas & Coach Matt are Bound for Glory

SHY 2 – Lisa Corduff – Getting real with wholefoods

Warning: Listening to this podcast may make you hungry!


Meet Lisa Corfuff – a passionate advocate for real food and wholefood eating. 


Lisa has made the switch from a standard Australian diet of processed foods and takeaway, to a nourishing wholefood way of living – and she wants to help you do it too!


Together we talk about the overwhelm that can set in when making the change to healthier foods. We discuss strategies for avoiding the guilt, anxiety and paralysis that can stop us from moving forward, and she gives some excellent advice for doing it all on a budget.


We talk about how to serve your body after years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, how to get kids to eat veggies, and how to make food fun again. 


This episode is FULL of quotes that are sheer gold! 


“Stress is going to trump everything – even if you’ve had the healthiest food, you’re not going to digest it.”


“Most of my stuff is freakin’ unfancy… but it’s real.”


and my favourite: “I don’t know what the frigg a Burger Ring actually is.”


Lisa minces organic meat, but not her words. 


Want to know more? Check out her website at, or follow her on Facebook at @LisaCorduffHealthCoach. 

SHY 3 : Adele McConnell aka Vegie Head – on nourishing recipes, rescue dogs and chemical free cosmetics

Meet Adele McConnell – a multi-passionate entrepreneur, living a life of health, vitality and authenticity. 


Whether the subject is nourishing recipes, animal cruelty, healthy vs unhealthy vegan living or chemical free skincare, this vivacious beauty will give it to you straight.


Adele reveals how to create healthy meals if you’re time poor and really can’t be stuffed. We cover mindful cooking, intuitive cooking, cooking for dogs… all kinds of cooking, really (that’s what happens when two passionate foodies get together!). 


But we also step away from the stove and chat about the deeper issues, like what it means to be a healthy vegan or vegetarian, and how we think the paleo and vegan tribes can happily co-exist (and even eat together!). 


Want to know more about Adele? 


Check out her websites at:


or follow her on Facebook at @vegieheadpage.

SHY 1 : Meet Jules – Qualified naturopath and the voice behind Shiny Healthy You

Hi, and welcome to Shiny Healthy You! 


Each week I will be bringing you the best in natural health, with information, inspiration and interviews with wellness industry leaders. 


This show is all about finding small, achievable action steps to move towards the shiny, healthy life you’ve always dreamed of. There’s no judgement or overwhelm here – just great info to help you get back on track. 


I’m also a qualified naturopath, so you know you’re in good hands 😉 


So sit back, grab a cuppa (or a wine!) and tune in to this brief episode to find out what I’m all about.


Want to connect? Head to or follow me on Facebook and Instagram at @julesgallowayhealth.

HSW 09: Optimal Nutrition For Shift Workers with Dr Katrina Hurley

This week Audra chats with fellow health professional and Paediatrician Dr Katrina Hurley who is an Emergency Doctor based in Halifax, Canada and has a similar interest in nutrition to support shift workers.  Dr Hurley is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert having graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and has extensive experience working shift work, in particular night shift, which as we know, is one of the toughest shifts when it comes to ongoing fatigue and tiredness as a result of a lack of sleep!

NTM49: The Slow Hustle

Does the hustle to look one way?  Do we need to hustle to the point of exhaustion and breakdown?  Or is there another way…..?  In this episode Bridget and Julie examine how our purpose is to grow in every area of life and how to effectively do that.

WWR 35 : Endometriosis

In this weeks podcast, The Wellness Women delve into endometriosis; one of the

most debilitating and aggressive conditions affecting women. It not only causes

horrendous physical symptoms but also affects a woman’s emotional wellbeing,

relationships and quality of life.

If women have symptoms of endometriosis it can have devastating implications

because doctors are generally unsure of the diagnosis, support groups are

depressing, surgical options are often unsuccessful, hormonal treatments tend to

exacerbate the condition and women continue to suffer.

Dr Ashleigh and Dr Andrea discuss the theories surrounding the causes of

endometriosis, and even share some holistic solutions to help balance hormones

and combat pain and discomfort.

UC 182: On the way to the Airport

Cyndi, Kim & Carren are on their way to the airport on a bucket-list trip of a lifetime to Machu Picchu. They are taking 12 amazing Up For A Chat listeners with them. Tune in to see how they each prepared, packed and committed to making this happen. As well as how excited they are to take you on this journey with them.

100NO 165: The Typical 100 Not Out Day Part 2

On the back of sharing a typical 100 Not Out (from breakfast to lunch), we discuss anything and everything from our –

  • Evening rituals
  • Productivity tips
  • How we connect with our spouses
  • Dinner table rituals
  • And a whole lot more!

To watch this video on You Tube click here

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MOM 62 : How to avoid the Winter Funk

Building on from last week’s episode, we crack out some of the greatest hacks to get out of your funk leading into winter.


For most of us, as Winter rolls around for the southern hemisphere it is more common than not to sit back and make yourself up a warm cup of excuses and a comfort biscuits and wait until the warmer seasons to get moving again.


In this episode we cover off on some of the best strategies to recognise when you are in a funk and how to break through it.


Key point to take away from this: Disrupt yourself.”