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Training in Brazil for the Arnold Classic Brazil 2016


Training in South America for the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil

MUM 17: Emily Jones : My Birth Wishes


Emily Jones – Bio

Emily is a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, HypnoMothering Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Infant Massage Instructor, Fertility Support Educator, mother to two beautiful souls, wife to another, friend to all & peaceful birth seeker. She is passionate about Calm Beginnings, from Conception, Birth & Beyond. It was through a beautiful entrance into the world that was so peaceful & empowering that it compelled Emily to share this amazing gift with other families. From this birth her business Acacia Wellness was born & like her family has grown into something special. After speaking to hundreds of women approaching birth filled with fear & anxiety, Emily identified that communication was often at the crux of these feelings. Emily’s My Birth Wishes app is a trusted birthing companion & the must have app for all pregnant families worldwide.


Emily’s Empowering Quote

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” ~Marie Mongan, Hypnobirthing

Emily’s Resource Tips

Book : Pinky McKay  “Sleeping Like a Baby

Book : Pinky McKay  “Parenting by Heart

Book  : Marie Mongan ” Hypnobirthing The Mongan Method

Website : Ask Dr Sears

Emily’s Links/Contact Deets




Mental Preparation for a Workout – Justin Compton Explains


The Correct Mindset for a Workout: Justin Compton Explains

2011 World Masters – An Event for the Ages


TBT 2011: Pro World Masters - An Event for the Ages..In Every Sense

Shawn Ray Previews the Arnold Classic Brazil 2016


Shawn Ray Previews the Competition - Arnold Classic Brazil 2016

KBS31 : Unnecessary Surgeries w’ Surgeon Professor Ian Harris

Surgery, you’d be forgiven for thinking that anything so invasive to the human body has sound amounts of science behind it. But according to Professor Ian Harris, an orthopaedic surgeon from Sydney NSW, this might be completely wrong. Many common surgeries have not even been shown to be more effective than placebo! This is serious stuff, & Professor Harris explains it all in this episode of The Kale Brock Show – he gives us info from his new book, Surgery; The Ultimate Placebo on commonly overused surgeries such as knee arthroscopies, spinal fusions & cardiac stents! Is your surgeon over-estimating the benefits of surgery & user-estimating the potential harm? Find out in this groundbreaking episode!

THE GUT HEALING PROTOCOL! My new book is now officially available at &! This 8 week, holistic guide to rebalancing your gut health is my entire life’s work on gut research & how to take that research & put it into action! Super exciting stuff !

RFR 67: MAF and MET with Dr Phil Maffetone

In Episode 67 of The Real Food Reel we have my good friend Dr Phil Maffetone joining us to discuss Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) training, how to become an efficient athlete and the pros and cons of metabolic efficiency testing (MET). We had a great response to a similar discussion in episode 65, so we’ve asked Phil to help us explore the topic further and answer your questions.

Phil has joined us a number of times now and as you all should know, he is the guru of health, nutrition and human performance. Press play and enjoy the show.

Show Notes:

MAF Method – The 180 Formula:

The MAF Heart Rate White Paper:

MAF Test:


Metabolic Testing and the Respiratory Quotient:

The Tom Platz Story – Part 1


The Tom Platz Story - Part 1

HSW 4: Sleep Deprivation, Mental Health and Bipolar Disorder with Dr Erin Michalak

To coincide with World Bipolar Day on March 30th, we’re releasing a bonus episode this week to help bring a global awareness to bipolar disorders, and eliminate the stigma which is often attached to mental health disorders.  Audra interviews Dr Erin Michalak from Vancouver, Canada who is the Founder and Leader of the ‘Collaborative RESearch Team for the study of psychosocial issues in Bipolar Disorder’ – CREST.BD, an organization designed to enhance the wellness of people living with the condition.

For more information on the amazing work Dr Michalak and her team are doing to help enhance the health and wellness of people living with Bipolar Disorder, visit CREST.BD

Explaining Arnold Schwarzenegger – What Makes Him Tick?


Explaining Arnold - What Makes Him Tick?