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Raise Your Metabolism: Ten Tips That Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

Gender Differences In Fitness: How Being Female Affects Results

Top Ten Habits Of The Extremely Fit

MD News Break – How You Can Train with Jay Cutler


Shawn Explains How You Can Train with Jay Cutler

Heather Dees’ 3 Week Out Back Workout – Arnold Classic 2016


Heather Dees Trains Back 3 Weeks Out - Arnold Classic 2016

100NO 150: Special Edition 150th Episode

Can you believe it?! 100 Not Out raises the bat for it’s century and a half by reflecting on the wisdom that has been learnt from the guests and insights over the course of nearly 75 hours of ageing well content.


You can also watch this episode on You Tube

MOM 47 : Kids Fitness, Pain Caves and Badassery with Bobby Maximus

How young is too young to get your kids into training?


How hard is too hard for your kids to train?


We welcome back Bobby Maximus to the mic. Today we hear from our resident Ex-UFC fighter on why his badass 7 year old son has a strong sense of work ethic and the value of earning something. Something that Young Beanie came up with all on his own! #belikebeanie

The concept of the ‘pain cave’ is not a new one, but not everyone is equipped to cope with it. There are mixed opinions as to how early is too early to introduce children to the pain cave and how we as adults can cope with working to the point of ‘blowing up’.

Dave, Lauren and Bobby also delve into how successful communities work and what common mistakes people do to breakdown the tribe they have worked so hard to build.


This is another must-hear episode with our Man from Salt Lake City. Be sure to listen till the end where he releases some super exciting news!


Favourite quote from this episode: Client’s must be contributors, not customers.

TWG 240: The Happy Life with Lola Berry

This week The Wellness Guys welcome back the inspirational Lola Berry to the show for an epic conversation. Lola talks about the recent controversy  about the launch of her new on-line program (covered in episode 234), how she dealt with the criticism and how she bounced back to her happy life and the launch of her new book of the same name. So tune in for another inspirational episode of The Wellness Guys Show!

MD News Break – Steep Competition at the Arnold Classic 2016


Kai Greene's Competition at the Arnold Classic 2016

Guy Cisternino’s 6 Week Out Arm Workout – Arnold Classic 2016


Guy Cisternino Trains Arms 6 Weeks Out - Arnold Classic 2016