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100NO 148: The 5 Love Languages & The Biggest Relationship Trap

Marcus & Damian are both fans of The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a constant source of conversation. There is one majorly important piece of fine print on the philosophy of the love languages that the guys think is missing from many relationships. In this episode, personal experiences are shared, mistakes are owned up to, and as always, a lot of fun and laughter is enjoyed.

MOM 45 : All Things Pelvic Floor

With the rise in the number of performance coaches the importance of pelvic floor control and development is more crucial then ever. There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding the use, strengthening and also the challenges surrounding the pelvic floor.

To clear up some of these myths and so much more we’ve invite Antony Lo, the physio detective, to come onto the podcast and delve into the do’s and don’ts and everything taboo about the pelvic floor and incontinence.

There is some absolutely gold in this podcast for anyone who has a plevic floor, not only females and mothers, and for all you trainers and coaches there are some serious learnings in here too!
Favourite quote from this podcast: “it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant.”


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OMM 18: Happy New You – how mindfulness practice is like nutrients for your brain

Today Natalie and Vikki explore the effect of training our brains toward positivity for a brighter 2016.  The girls explore how training our attention is like good fuel for the brain.

You’ll learn a morning OMM routine that will take only a few minutes, plus some amazing OMM practices to train our brains toward openness and connection.

A great start to a new year

TWG 238: Finding Motivation

Laurence has motivated Damian, Damian has motivated Brett and now Laurence is getting motivated because DK and BH are catching up! This week the boys talk about fitness and motivation. What gets them up and exercising, what do they do when they are finding it hard, what kind of exercise do they do and how it affects their bodies physically, emotionally and also in terms of productivity. So tune in for a great discussion on motivation (and plenty of friendly banter!)

MD News Break – Cross Promotion with the Arnold Classic 2016 Bikini Search


Shawn Ray Talks Cross-Promotion with the Arnold Classic Bikini Search

“My Drug Stack” – Top Competitor Reveals All


"My Drug Stack" - Top Competitor Reveals All

TPS 154: Stirring Change with Georgia Lienemann

This week Brett has a fascinating chat with nutritionist, whole-food chef and health educator Georgia Lienemann. Georgia shares her amazing journey starting from her own personal food revolution when her Mum decided to drastically change her household at the age of 7. She has tried just about every diet under the sun and shares her experiences, especially on her two stints of raw veganism. She also shares her amazing philosophy on nose to tail eating incorporating not just the whole animal but the whole plant, the whole person and the whole food system too. So tune in for another fascinating conversation on That Paleo Show!

AQJ 44 : Parasites, Candida & Ketogenic GAPS, Rachel Favilla

In episode 23, Rachel Favilla shared her story of growing up with an autoimmune disease, and struggling to find answers. She began the GAPS protocol and quickly saw improvements. However, after about 6 months, she seemed to hit a wall, and was unable to progress beyond stage 4 of GAPS intro.

In this episode, Rachel shares her continuing story – her discovery that she had candida and an infestation of parasites in her gut meant she needed to change her diet again. To fight them, she has had to transition to a ketogenic version of GAPS.

Rachel receives a lot of questions about ketogenic GAPS, enemas, parasites and candida, she answers those questions, explaining why and how it is helping so far.


MUM 8: Sherry Federer : Double the Fun – Survival Tips from a Twin Mum


(with Super Mum Sherry Federer)


Double the Fun – Survival tips from a twin mum.


I’ve so been looking forward to sharing this episode for quite some time. As a mum of a boy (and yes I am generalizing here with what I am about to say) I was not prepared for the amount of climbing, jumping, dare devil kamikaze risk taking energizer battery energy that little boys have and get up to. Sometimes I feel like I need eyes in the back of my head with my little one. And he just turned 2 not that long ago so we have a looooong way to go and lots of sporting pursuits to come our way. I guess it just came as a bit of a shock having a child that gets into everything after my daughter, who was a very “careful” child.


I just couldn’t imagine having twins (although before I was a mum I thought twins would be fantastic – have the babes all in one go??) but these days I cannot imagine at all having twins!


My guest this week – I take my hat off to her – is a mum to twins and yes you guessed it … TWIN BOYS! I know her personally and I know how amazing she is with them and how patient she is.


I thought we could all learn from her wisdom but certainly all the mums with 2 or more babies in their bellies right now or those with a young set of twins would be happy to hear from a mum who’s been in their shoes. She also discusses how important it is for mothers to nurture themselves, giving the example of when on a plane, a parent must put on their own oxygen mask before putting it on their child


It’s a GREAT episode and Sherry shares some fantastic parenting links that have also helped her navigate motherhood. (Available in the show notes below.) Enjoy.






Sherry Federer is an ex-pat mom of 4-year old twin boys and lives in Amsterdam. It’s never a dull day at their house between the dinosaur expeditions, fort building and games of hide-and-go-seek. Currently Sherry is a stay-at-home mum on a mission to rock this motherhood thing. Sherry and her wife moved to Amsterdam when Sherry was 4 months pregnant and they had many adventures navigating a new city and creating a support system to help them through those first years. It’s been a fun ride, albeit challenging at times, and they can’t imagine having done things any other way.






Preeclampsia – Explained more here


Sherry’s Tips


Book : “Twinsperation” Cherly Age

Website : Aha Parenting Dr Laura Markham

Website : Abundant Mama Project “Rediscover your happy place”

Website : The Great Parenting Show


Sherry’s Quotes


“Its not an Emergency”

“Be prepared for anything”

“You have to let go of the perfectionist, you do what you can”

“You just have to ask for help”


“MOTHER HOOD – powered by love, fueled by coffee, sustained by wine.”


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The Dangers Associated with PED Use


Dying to Get Big - The Dangers Associated with PED Use