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TPS 150: Honest Food with Belinda Tuki

This week Brett interviews someone from across the ditch, Belinda Tuki from Honest Food Co. Belinda confesses that she used to be an ‘angry vegan’ after switching to that lifestyle as a 15 year old and maintaining it for 13 years. She says she had no energy, was moody, had trouble sleeping and much more but it was all turned on it’s head by a personal trainer who insisted that if she was to train with him she was going to have to change her diet. So tune in to find out about Belinda’s physical and mental transformation as well as what drove her to start her very own food company supplying proteins, bars, books and truffles to help inspire others along their journey as well.

MUM 004: Julie Sharon : Keeping your Relationship Strong After Baby Arrives

In this Episode 4 of Mum’s The Word we have Julie Sharon from Balance You sharing with us some of her wisdom about a very important topic that affects almost everyone and is also so very rarely spoken of. How does the relationship change between a couple once their baby arrives?


Listen in and you’ll learn that we all have similar worries, challenges, and experiences as new parents. Knowing what to do beforehand and then if and when things happen is really the key


Julie Sharon is a licensed clinical counselor who offers individual, couples and family therapy at her private practice in Amsterdam. She also is a Gottman Bringing Baby Home educator. After earning her bachelors degree in Psychology at Skidmore College, Julie completed her Masters in Counseling at Webster University. She specializes in working with people transitioning into parenthood who face issues related to pregnancy, birth (trauma) or postpartum adjustment, couples who feel disconnected but want to make things work, and parents who feel overwhelmed by parenthood or who are seeking parenting support. A Dutch-American, Julie speaks Dutch and English fluently and offers her services in both languages. She lives with her husband and two kids in Amsterdam.

Julie’s Website: Balance You

Julie’s Email:


Julie’s Links from the Episode –

Book – John Gottman And Baby Makes 3

Course – Bringing baby home


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“Small things often”


Wishing a Happy, Successful and Healthy New Year to Everyone and especially all the listeners who are expecting a baby (or possibly 2?) in 2016.

Spread “the Word”.

The Bodybuilding Year 2015 | A Personal & Random Review of the Past Year


The Bodybuilding Year 2015 - A Very Personal & Random Review of the Past Year

ITCM 86: Bring on 2016! Big goals (& big fails)

With 2016 upon us, Marcus & LT discuss how NOT to do New Year’s Resolutions and goals in general. It’s easy to get swept up in doing EVERYTHING in one year, however the guys discuss their own wins, fails and learning lessons from it all in the hope that YOU can craft an incredible 2016 together for yourself.

David Baye Appointed Online Editor of Muscular Development


David Baye Appointed Online Editor of Muscular Development

Jay Cutler At the End of the Day | His Olympia Memories


Jay Cutler: At the End of the Day - His Olympia Memories

BC 16 : The Wrap – Paul and Anthony discuss the pivotal moments of the 2015 BACKchat podcast series

In this podcast , Paul and Anthony discuss key moments from each of first fifteen BACKchat podcasts in 2015.


BACKchat PODCAST 1,2015 : DR Paul Noone (Chiropractor)  – Inaugural podcast : Understanding Neurology on 4th March,2015


BACKchat PODCAST 2,2015 : Dr Scott Wustenberg (Chiropractor) – Eating and Autism.


BACKchat PODCAST 3,2015 : Dr Margaret Beavis (GP)- Exercise and Living Longer.*Paul mistakenly references exercise at 30 minutes ,five times per day. This should have been per week.


BACKchat Podcast 4,2015 : Dr Tania Ash (Integrative GP) – Is your home making you sick?


BACKchat Podcast 5,2015 : Lisa Cox – Recovery from severe brain trauma.


BACKchat Podcast 6,2015 : Dr Genevieve Keating (Chiropractor) – Positive Neurodevelopment from a baby to a child


BACKchat Podcast 7,2015 : Professor Ted Carrick (Functional Neurologist) – Past state of Functional Neurology


BACKchat Podcast 8,2015: Professor Ted Carrick (Functional Neurologist) – Present state of Functional Neurology


BACKchat Podcast 9,2015: Professor Ted Carrick (Functional Neurologist)  – Future and Research of Functional Neurology


BACKchat Podcast 10,2015: Dr Marc Pick (Chiropractor) :Live at the 7th Annual AAFN annual conference, Sydney


BACKchat Podcast 11,2015: Mandy Mecuri on the Recovery from Chronic Pain


BACKchat Podcast 12,2015: Dr Stephen McKenzie (Psychologist) On Mindfulness


BACKchat Podcast 13,2015: Chris Ennis on Ceres Fair Food Organic Food


BACKchat Podcast 14,2015: Tony Massarotti (Sports Podiatrist) The Why, What and What’s done for Heel Pain.


BACKchat Podcast 15,2015: Dr Matthew Antonucci (Functional Neurologist) on Neurological Performance


Thank you for listening to Backchat, in 2015.


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We leave you with one thought: “Be the best at what you do, and you will grow and inspire others around you.”


We look forward to catching up with you on our next BACKchat podcast.

TAP 60: Anitra informs us on the lastest in Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Anitra from Surgical Realities talks to me about research on the role of virtual reality in improving health outcomes.  Absolutely fascinating!

Next Muscular Development Issue | The World’s Strongest Bodybuilder


Next MD Issue - The World's Strongest Bodybuilder

A Year in Review | Shawn Ray Wraps-Up 2015


Shawn Ray Wraps-Up 2015 with His Year In Review