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NTM23: Who are you after babies?

What happened to that woman you used to be? Where did she go? Is she gone?  This week we look at how you know when you’re done having babies and how to find yourself again after the intensity of early parenthood.

WWR 13: Michelle Bridges, Ashy Bines, and Womens Fitness

Should men and women do the same exercises? Are women designed to do crossfit? Do Michelle Bridges and Ashy Bines really teach you to be healthy? This week Dr. Ashleigh and Dr. Andrea explore the world of womens’ fitness. The Wellness Women discuss the 7 key primal movements, functional fitness, modifying your exercises throughout your menstrual cycle, and how to lower your risk of injury plus enjoy your workouts. Get yourself into great shape and improve your body image with this informative and fun episode!

UC 157: Wholistic Dentistry with Dr Lillian Kluge

Wholistic Dentistry, yes it does exist and on the podcast this week we have Dr Lillian Kluge, wholistic dentist, educating us on the importance of looking at the body as a whole not just the mouth.  We talk about amalgam fillings, toxic materials used in dentistry, root canals, tooth removals, oil pulling, fissure protection, cavitations and much more

Arnold Classic Asia To Debut in Hong Kong in August 2016


Arnold Classic Asia to Debut in Hong Kong in August 2016

Top Ten Fat-Loss Friendly Foods For A Lean Body Composition

True Strength Video Series with Tobias Young | Part 3 – Back Training


True Strength Video Series with Tobias Young Part 3 - Back Training

Callie Bundy Appointed Online Editor of FitnessRx for Women


Callie Bundy Appointed Online Editor of FitnessRX for Women

100NO 139: Feeling better at 42 than 21

Damian has recently celebrated his 42nd birthday and says he feels better now than he did 21 years ago! He outlines how, and why, and credits a newfound love of exercise (partly inspired by Wellness Couch teammate Laurence Tham’s fitness) as a major reason for his statement. A not to be missed episode of 100 Not Out for anyone wanting to feel better in 21 years from now!

MOM37 : Life Lessons with Afro Brutality



If you aren’t too precious when it comes to the odd ‘F’ bomb then spending the next 30 minutes listening to one of the realest icons you will ever met is completely worth the time.


Out of the streets of Harlem, Syn Martinez is the inspiration behind a movement that has even the Instagram world by storm.


AfroBrutality is the real talk from the real man. We go into the everything from the early days of CrossFit to the mind set to be unapolegicticlly yourself. In a world where being shaped by everything and everyone else, being yourself is almost a rebellious act.


It’s time to join that act.


Favourite words are the last words Syn has. I won’t ruin them for you, I can assure they are as real as you have ever heard.


Tune in to check them out!

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TWG 229: Is Pain Healthy

Pain is still part of Wellness… right? is Pain a good or a bad thing. Often Pain is left out of the conversation when it comes to helping people live incredible lives. Dr Neil Bossenger joins all 3 of the Wellness Guys in this absolutely fascinating dive into pain, its roles and its messages.