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RFR 42 : The mental performance and mood benefits of curcumin in humans with Professor Andrew Scholey

In Episode 42 of The Real Food Reel we speak with Professor Andrew Scholey, Swinburne University’s Director of the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology. Professor Scholey is one of the world’s foremost experts on curcumin – a component of the yellow Indian spice turmeric. Both turmeric and curcumin have been the subject of hundreds of studies into their health benefits. Today we speak about his world first study into the mental performance and mood benefits of curcumin in humans.


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KBS18 : Functional Fitness with Dave Nixon

Fitness. It’s a funny thing. Most people hear the word and cringe at the thought of going to the gym and forcing some curls, squats and lunges – but how can you be fit for life and how can you enjoy fitness? We go through all these things with fellow TWC podcaster Dave Nixon. We also check out some entrepreneurship principles and ideas on adding value to clients lives in exchange for more business – I really like this guy. Check it out. Recorded LIVE at this year’s Wellness Summit in Melbourne.



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Charles Glass Q&A | Bodybuilding’s Ace Trainer Solves Your Training Problems


Charles Glass Q&A - Bodybuilding's Ace Trainer Solves Your Training Problems

MD’s Official Preview | IFBB EVLS Prague Pro 2015


MD's Official Preview of the 2015 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro

5 Rules for Monster Arms | The Dexter Jackson Five


5 Rules for Monster Arms - The Dexter Jackson Five

TAP 47: Carrie answers your questions on authenticity, and getting a handle on a problem

What is authenticity – is it mine or is it how you see me?  Such a great response to the episode with Dr Clare Merrick (Chiropractor) on being really real.  I review an article by Simon Gregoire (and colleagues) discussing past philosophy, current thinking and measuring what is authenticity.   A second topic: I get a lot of emails about how to make sense of a problem as it arises in everyday life.  I discuss ways to get a handle on problems as they arise using a method of “case formulation”.

Hi, Ho, Follow the Yellow Brick Road? New Federation – A Personal View


Follow the Yellow Brick Road? New Federation: A Personal View

Chris Darby Chest & Arm Workout | IFBB Europa Phoenix 2015


Chris Darby Trains Chest & Arms 2 Weeks Out - Europa Phoenix 2015

CC 76: T.K. Coleman

The topic for this week is ’Are you ready for a leap of faith….. Faith in yourself?’

This week, I dive deep into the most powerful conversation with one of this planets most profound philosophers and thought leaders!

T.K Coleman and I explore who we are when we are not attached to our identity or our belief of who we are! This conversation will really open your mind and your heart to a new perspective about not only who you are, but what is possible for you when you separate yourself from your experiences, story, beliefs and identity.

As always, this is a thought provoking conversation which includes the logic of common sense, the possibilities of personal power and the vision that can transform our relationship with ourselves in an instant!

Get ready for a spectacular show!!

80k Fitness Fans Attend 5th Annual Arnold Classic Europe


80k Fitness Fans Attend 5th Annual Arnold Classic Europe