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TWE 18: Startup with Style with new Health Coach Leslie Thompson

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In Leslie’s words:

My business is Leslie T Health Coaching. I work with two main demographics-professional men and women who want to achieve overall health, thereby enhancing their performance and achieving successful results. And busy mums-who want to find a balanced lifestyle, cook fun, healthy meals that will lead to weight loss and increased energy.

There is no need to feel stressed, stuck and tired. There are simple ways to feel energized, be healthy, nourish your body and achieve your goals.


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CC 72 : Australia’s sweetheart speaks out on behalf of Women!

As one of Australia’s most well known women in fashion, presenting, charity, beauty and strength, it makes sense that we are chatting with the magical Deborah Hutton on the Couch this week.

I started the podcast with the greatest of faux pas, see if you can pick it up (well, you can’t miss it really!!). I had too many words in my mind when describing the beautiful Deborah Hutton that when I put them together, they didn’t work at all!! Well, that is the downside to doing a live, un-cut show… Sometimes the host is going to make a royal peanut of herself and hopefully the potency of the show will have you forget about it within an instant!!

This week on Carren’s Couch Deborah shares her philosophy on life and what it means to mature with grace and gratitude and she opens up to the truth behind her life’s experiences and that it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. As a truly humbling conversation unfolds, you’ll understand why we have all be very naturally drawn Deb as she is the typical Aussie girl, making her way through the trials and tribulations and coming to a place of peace of creativity today. This is a truly inspiring interview and you soooooooo will love Deborah Hutton even more than you ever did before!!

Want to see Deborah Hutton LIVE? Jump on over to her website and grab your ticket to her live event, Reconnect, in Brisbane

Top Ten Foods To Detox Estrogen

One of the best ways to reduce body fat levels is to improve estrogen metabolism. High estrogen levels and difficulties eliminating this hormone are a problem for both men and women that is associated with greater cancer risk, a higher body fat percentage, and low muscle mass.

NTM 10 : Love-bombing

Bridget and Julie interview Bree Downes on her recent experience of ‘love-bombing’, the weekend of ‘yes’ and the gifts it provided Bree, as a woman and mother, and how it shifted her son’s behaviour and their family dynamic.