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TAP 34: Jules Galloway the straight talking naturopath and her seachange to Byron Bay

Jules Galloway shares her story of searching for a lifestyle that suited her and finding better health along the way.   Hear her tips for fast healthy food and and soothing your body.  Find Jules at

Can’t Fail Leg Strategies | Jon Delarosa’s Wheel Deal for Chicago


Can't Fail Leg Strategies | Jon Delarosa's Wheel Deal for Chicago This Weekend

CC 63: Change your Brain, Change your life!

Dr Joe Dispenza is not only one of my heroes, he is also one of the most dynamic, brilliant, powerful and educated men of our time and OMG what an honour to bring him to Carren’s Couch this week!!

In today’s interview I really wanted to know what Dr Joe knows about us humans that could change the way we live and when I asked the question….Boy! Did he give me an answer! Wow!

Feeling like I was in the company of pure genius, I took the liberty of exploring questions like “What is the meaning of life?” “How can we be more fulfilled in our experiences?” and “What does science know about reality that we are missing?” And…. These questions don’t even scrape the surface of today’s conversation so get ready to really explore the magic of being YOU in all of your glory!

If you’re interested in knowing more about Dr Joe Dispenza, his books, programs and events, just jump on over to his website at


UC 135: Cyndi On An Anthropological Adventure in Namibia

Cyndi has just spent 3 weeks in Namibia Africa and has fulfilled many dreams by meeting the traditional Himba tribes and learning about their culture and tradition, visiting archaeological sites where Homo Erectus and Homo Sapien emerged and spread thought the world and finding community initiated essential oil productions. Listen in as Kim and Carren did into an adventure of a lifetime with lessons that can be learnt about the importance of circadian rhythms and no jet lag as well as the importance of learning lessons from our past.

IFBB Chicago Pro 2015 – Rosters


IFBB Chicago Pro 2015 - Rosters

100NO 117 : Conquering the 7th Mountain w Dr Jan Smith

It’s not often you have a guest on THREE times on a podcast. However we must make an exception with the incredible Jan Smith who is embarking on becoming the oldest woman in the history of the world to climb the 7 peaks – the 7 highest mountains in the 7 continents of the world.


It hasn’t been all smooth sailing though for Jan. Find out all about it in this inspiring conversation with the Queen of the Mountains.


MOM 15 : Fun and Fitness with Jenna Douros

Today’s podcast features to delightful Jenna Douros, the bombshell brunette who can make your driveway the most fun workout location in the world!

Jenna is not only a fitness icon, she also owns and runs Lift Into Life and works full time job in the public service.

As a cover model for Oxygen magazine and the finalist for the cover of Women’s Health Jenna’s message provides hope for anyone trying to stay healthy while juggling a full time job.

Listen along to hear Dave find his fun in fitness friend for life and Lauren barely get a word in!

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TWG 207: Mindfulness in Medicine with Dr Craig Hassed

This week The Wellness Guys speak to a fascinating GP and University lecturer Dr Craig Hassed about how he is bringing mindfulness and well-being concepts into mainstream medicine through his teachings at Monash University. Craig discovered the impact of mindfulness as a way to deal with his own stresses as a medical student and went on to not only study different branches of Eastern and Western mindfulness practices in more detail but took up an opportunity to teach it as well and has now authored 10 books on the subject! So tune in to find out how Dr Hassed is bringing mindfulness into medicine, what have been the wins and challenges along the way and how you can bring some more mindfulness into your own life too.

Also find his books on Amazon here. 

And the trailer for his documentary here

NTM1 : Why ‘Nourishing the Mother?” Our stories, our vision

Bridget and Julie launch the podcast show with an honest look at where they see the challenges of motherhood today, and also the beautiful opportunities to presented to us to grow, however it looks for each of us. Hear what inspired them to create this space and take up the invitation to join a community of women looking for connection, understanding and awakening.


Jodi Miller Trains Delts 2.5 Weeks Out | NPC Universe 2015


Jodi Miller Trains Shoulders 3 Weeks Out - NPC Universe 2015