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Why so much “nutritional science” is garbage and misses the point of what happens in real life

Why so much “nutritional science” is garbage and misses the point of what happens in real life.  The following quote is taken from an article on a recent study:

“Morning is the best time to consume sweets because that’s when the body’s metabolism is most active – and we have the rest of the day to work off the calories, a new study shows.
Eating cookies or chocolate as part of breakfast that includes proteins and carbs also helps stem the craving for sweets later.”

For those who struggle with their weight / body fat when they start off the day eating sweet things it mentally sets them up to keep on eating them throughout the day.

After all, did they become overweight by only eating one piece of cake?

Your best solution is to eat your “sweet things” later in the day and have a breakfast that is protein and fat rich, and carbohydrate light.

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Don’t Make THIS Most Common Mistake When Trying To Lose Fat

Slashing calories below the basal metabolic rate (BMR) is one of the worst things you can do when trying to lose body fat. When you drastically cut calories to the 1,200-a-day range, the body will fairly quickly downregulate your metabolism in order to preserve the fuel stores, and you’ll burn fewer calories daily.
Top it off with needing to fight off hunger with willpower, and you’ll elevate the stress hormone cortisol. If you’re training hard in an effort to get things moving again, high cortisol will become a chronic problem and you can throw your hormones completely out of balance.
Your sleep will be disrupted, you’ll lose muscle mass, your digestion will be off, and your body will hang on to every last fat store as if your life depended on it. The result is serious metabolic damage that makes it nearly impossible to lose body fat or perform at your best.
Solution: Never slash calories intentionally. Instead, figure out a way of eating that allows you to stay satisfied and avoid hunger.
Most people find that higher protein, lower carb diets allow them to naturally eat less without trying because the protein leads to a better release of hunger-reducing hormones.
Protein foods also provide a metabolic advantage because they cost the body more calories and they preserve lean muscle mass, giving your basal metabolic rate a lift.

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Not Your Average Fitness Job!

Not Your Average Fitness Job!

UP is hiring for a unique job in the fitness / personal training industry. As cliched as it sounds only top flight candidates should apply.

JOB ADVERT map with list

The Role: to work at the right hand of UP Founder Nick Mitchell to help deliver and execute the marketing strategy and campaigns for the global UP business.

The possible diversity of this position is both its strength and its weakness. The right candidate will be covering a huge amount of ground within both the existing UP businesses and on new ventures as we expand to new territories and experiment with innovative products.

This is not a Personal Training gym floor role, and you do not need to be a “fitness expert”.

But you do need to possess the following critical qualities:

1) A keen commercial brain with a track record in being able to think for yourself.

2) A buccaneering spirit. We are a rapidly growing company and we want a team who can grow in scope and responsibility with us. This also means that we don’t believe in micro-managing. We want you to add value. You also need to know how to take instructions and execute.  If you think “maverick” describes you, then being self-employed will suit you better than working for UP.

3) A strong work ethic. Everyone talks a good game when it comes to hard work, but in this job there really is nowhere to hide. Expectations are high, the intensity level is always cranked up to the maximum, and the rewards and goals are commensurate to that.  You would be reporting directly into Nick Mitchell which means there no real off days, you would need to be able to deal with pressure and a rapidly changing mandate, and you would be resilient in the face of constructive criticism. Perfection is not expected, but striving to be the very best and doing whatever it takes are the only approaches to adopt if you want to make this job your own.

4) A team player. We want you to want to be a star. But a star who is one part of a team, not a solo operator. You would need to be comfortable integrating with a marketing team, the global management team, and the Personal Training team.

5) Organised, numerate, and articulate. These are non-negotiable skills for this role. We need you to wear multiple hats and be comfortable with computers, spreadsheets and clients! And no, this doesn’t mean we expect you to be able to code software or write financial spreadsheets, we simply want you to be savvy and interested in the technology needed to efficiently run an international, client facing business.

6) Literate – if you enjoy writing and editing then this is a big plus.

7) Passion! Those who succeed within our company culture are diverse and very different characters, but they all have one thing in common – enormous passion for our goal of creating something that is special and unique within the fitness industry. This job advert either speaks your language or it is not for you. Half measures do not exist in our world.  This applies to every position within UP, but goes double for this job as it involves such a close working relationship with our Founder.
If you are a man / woman who doesn’t do thing by half, and want to grow a business focused career in the fitness industry then please email with a CV and a covering letter telling us why you think you are special.

We’d love to hear from you.

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Raise Your Testosterone Level With This One Simple Trick

Whether you’re a man or a woman, testosterone is one of the most important body composition hormones. It burns fat, improves muscle mass, and is vital for wellness.
There are a number of natural ways to give your testosterone levels a boost, including heavy weight training, sprinting, meditating, and supplementation. But there’s one simple testosterone-raising trick that you may not have heard of: Bright light exposure.
Because testosterone release is regulated by your circadian biological rhythm, anything you do to optimize this cycle can raise testosterone. Anytime you’re sleep deprived you will have lower levels of testosterone. In addition, men who sleep according to their chronotype (natural tendency to be a “morning” or “evening” person) have higher testosterone than those who don’t.
Besides getting good sleep, research shows that exposing yourself to bright sunlight first thing in the morning will improve release of luteinizing hormone (LH), which triggers testosterone release. Young men who were exposed to bright light for an hour ever morning for five days had a 69.5 percent increase in LH compared to a placebo trial.
The study used a blue light box that simulates sunlight, but you can take advantage of this trick just as easily by getting outside in the early morning sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s the perfect chance to meditate, do yoga, or set your intentions for the day.
Want more natural ways for raising testosterone?
Read this article with ten evidence-based tips.
Yoon, I., et. al. Luteinizing hormone following light exposure in healthy young men. Neuroscience Letters. 2003. 341(1), 25-28.
Randler, C., Ebenhoh, N., et al. Chronotype but not Sleep Length is Related to Salivary Testosterone in young Adult Men. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2012. 37. 1740-1744.

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Attention Personal Trainers!

Attention Personal Trainers!

The teaching trend seen lately of overcomplicating training in order to sound smart is very often done at the expense of results.

Program design and exercise selection are all things that require thought, precision and education, but disappearing up your own bottom in an attempt to reinvent the wheel means the point is almost always missed.

Did you know that almost all the best (in the context of ‘results producing for body composition’) trainers can explain what they are doing in simple terms that make the penny drop with an “aha” moment?

Standard gym exposure for a PT client is 3 hours a week, trust me when I tell you that in the grand scheme of important things (fat loss, muscle building, postural improvements, better overall “fitness”, improved CV, client value and retention) mastering the fundamentals and then milking them for all they are worth is the key to your success.

Of course, “mastering fundamentals” is something that is still sorely lacking in general and requires a book, or more like a bible, in itself, but don’t fall into the trap of overcomplicating every little thing. I’ve seen it happen many times, and it always makes for a less effective Personal Trainer.

Here’s a photo of our 48 year old client Rob, as trained by the always marvellous Sean Murphy.  Sean thinks about every little thing that he does, agonises over the detail that he gives to his client, but in the end the programs that he delivers and the thought processes behind it are filled with clarity, concision and a lack of jargon / overcomplexity / sweating of the small stuff at the expense of the fundamentals – 

attention personal trainers


The post Attention Personal Trainers! appeared first on Fitness Advice From London's Best Personal Trainer.

Why THIS Food Is Most Important For Losing Belly Fat

High-quality protein is the most important food for losing belly fat.
The most consistent indicator of leanness around the waist is a high-quality protein intake, which is defined as foods that contain a “threshold” amount of 10 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs).
For example, a large study of young volunteers found that those who ate the 10-gram “threshold” dose of EAAs at every meal had the least belly fat, and the number of times they reached the EAA threshold was also significant.
How to use it: Eat animal-derived protein—beef, fish, poultry, milk, and eggs—at every meal. You get more bang for your calorie buck by eating these foods.
Use lower quality protein sources, such beans, lentils, and some vegetables as sides and condiments. There are many benefits to plant proteins, but if you get most of your protein from lower quality sources you have to eat more calories to get the same overall EAA intake.
Loenneke, J., Wilson, J., et al. Quality of Protein Intake is Inversely Related with Abdominal Fat. Nutrition and Metabolism. 2012. 9(5).

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