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Arnold Classic 2015 | Brandon Curry Arm & Delt Workout


Brandon Curry Trains Arms & Delts 3.5 Weeks Out - Arnold Classic 2015

CC 45: Believe and you WILL achieve!!

Pat Mesiti is without question one of Australia’s Master Minds when it comes to turning passions in to profits and as our second last interview in the Business Mini-Series.

This week, Pat lifts the lid on what it takes to move in to a millionaire mindset to make your message start really making you serious money! So ask yourself now… ‘What is most important to me?’ Is it happiness, health, success, fun, enjoyment, time…? If you answered yes to each of these, then this week’s show is perfect because most people want what the money can buy them, not the money itself and Pat distinguishes between the two magically as he reveals the nuggets of gold that have lead to his multi million dollar success!

Take notes everyone because there is a lot to learn here!!

UC 117: Bucket List

What’s a bucket list, is it about materialism or is it an experience you wish to have in your life.  Carren Kim and Cyndi explore why people have bucket lists, but as usual the conversation changes to rights of passage and culture and tradition, which then leads onto why we need bucket lists in modern life.  Listen in as the Up For A Chatters explore the importance of distinguishing in stages of life with rights of passage.

PBW Radio | Dexter Jackson’s Date with Destiny


PBW Radio - Dexter Jackson's Date with Destiny

Justin Compton’s 2015 Arnold Interview | Plus Back Routine


Justin Compton: 2015 Arnold - "I Will Be 12lbs Heavier Than Last Contest"

100NO 99: 99 NOT OUT! Highlights & lessons learnt

In this episode the guys do what no personal growth coach or sports coach will do. We look BACK INTO THE PAST to reflect on 99 episodes of 100 Not Out. Before we make a big announcement on our 100th episode we look at what we’ve learnt, who pushed our buttons, what we agreed and disagreed with, and quite frankly, how the podcast has changed our lives and the lives of so many listeners and their families.

TWG 189: TWG on the road with Breakthrough insights

“This is the first Wellness Guys podcast recorded on the road!  After an amazing and successful Wellness Breakthrough where over 40 participants spend 3 days with 9 Wellness experts including Cyndi O’Meara, Kim Morrison, Carren Smith, Marcus Pearce, Stuart Hayes and of course The Wellness Guys, Laurence spend some time on the bus with several of the out of state participants and discusses what they learned and how their lives will forever be changed because of these impactful three days.”

Arnold Classic 2015 | A quick fire guide to the previous 26 years


Arnold Classic 2015: A Quick Fire Guide to the Previous 26 Years

Meal Plans for Size | Top Competitors Show You How


Meal Plans for Size: Top Competitors Show You How

Arnold Classic 2015 | Branch Warren Back Workout


Branch Warren Crushes Back 3 Weeks Out - Arnold Classic 2015