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Arnold Classic 2015 – Hidetada Yamagishi Delt Workout


Hidetada Yamagishi Trains Delts 6 Weeks Out - Arnold Classic 2015

Your Guide to Bigger Back & Delts


Your Guide to Bigger Back & Delts: Jay Cutler Shows You How

Guy Cisternino Online Q&A – January 2015


Guy Cisternino Online Q&A - January 2015 Edition

TPS 102: Christopher Kelly Of NourishBalanceThrive

So you’re living a Paleo Lifestyle and have experienced some great improvements in your health but you still know things could be better? Get ready because today’s show is for you. Our guest was no stranger to a myriad of common symptoms that many of us know a little too well including painful bloating, mild depression, caffeine dependency chronic fatigue and nagging injuries. We know that the solution always starts with food, but as it turned out that was only half the solution. Inspired by the huge improvement in the way he felt eating in line with the Auto Immune Protocol Christopher developed a voracious appetite for research and was empowered learning that contrary to what many doctors told him, genetics were not the only underlying root cause to his health concerns, and that the answers were really out there waiting to be discovered. Through management of diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation Christopher has successfully achieved a new optimal level of health and fitness and was able to solve his health problems. Here today to help us learn more and benefit from his hard work, experience and research is Christopher Kelly from Nourish, Balance Thrive.

Links to the good stuff:

AQJ 08: Fat Adapted: Using healthy fats as an energy source

This episode begins with Jo sharing where she is at with her and her family’s health and GAPS journey, the ups and downs, and the importance of marking time while waiting for the gut to heal.

The discussion then turns to fats, and Jo and Leah are joined by a return special guest, Mark Follett. Mark explains how to identify healthy fats and the not so healthy ones, and how to incorporate fats into your diet. He also talks about how to get your body fat adapted, which means your body is able to use fats as an energy source. We discuss what this means for everyday people and sports people alike, what the benefits are for the family, for athletes, and for those in the workplace.

The insights that Mark offers are part of his own personal experiences and he makes reference both to research on the subject, and also to how it feels, and the practical, everyday benefits

If you are still confused about where fats fit into our diet, this episode will impart some knowledge and direction for personal research. Below are links to information that is discussed during this podcast:

-Dr Stephen Phinney and Co:

– Tim Noakes:

– Bitters:

Build Massive Triceps


Build Massive Triceps: Nail Those Horseshoes like Evan Centopani

Paul Dillet’s Collapse At The 1994 Arnold Classic


Paul Dillet's Collapse at the 1994 Arnold Classic

Raising Compton – Episode 5 – Hammering the Hamstrings


Raising Compton: Episode 5 - Hammering the Hamstrings

ITCM 62: Hacking Your Productivity

For every 100 people who started the year off with big goals and dreams, the sad but stark reality is that 97% of them have given up by now. The remaining 3 people – who all listen to ITCM :) – bring a certain type of order and syntax to their days and lives, which Marcus & LT reveal in this engaging episode.

RFR 07: Scotty Farrell, Real Food Athlete

In Episode 7 of The Real Food Reel we begin a fantastic new series called “The Real Food Athlete”. The aim of this is to share with you the stories of success from athletes living and breathing real food.

We start The Real Food Athlete with none other than Scotty Farrell from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. It’s fitting that we start with Scotty as he is not only an amazing endurance athlete but a Triathlon Coach, soon to be Nutritionist and founder of “Natural Athlete”, which is all about discovering food and it’s relationship to performance in a wholesome, natural, nutrient dense way.

To learn more about Scotty, please check out and follow Scotty on Facebook and Instagram.

For the amazing smoothie recipe we chat about in the show, please click here.

Hit play to learn the practical application of real food for your training and racing success!