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IFBB Golden State Pro 2014 – News, Info & Rosters | Muscular Development


IFBB Golden State Pro 2014 - News, Info & Rosters

Akim Williams Progress Photos – IFBB Golden State 2014 | Muscular Development


Akim Williams' 3 Day Out Progress Photos

Jose Raymond – Heavy Pec Workout – Mr. Olympia 2014 | Muscular Development


Jose Raymond Goes Heavy for Chest - 8 Weeks Out from the 2014 Olympia

Rachel McLish & Me | Muscular Development


Rachel & Me: Up Close with the First Lady of Bodybuilding

ITCM 49: For the Hate of Mediocrity

The Wellness Guys

Marcus has had enough of dealing with mediocre minds over the last week or so and as a result goes to LT for some “therapy”! The pair discuss the path to progressing along the path from mediocrity to world class and come up with three essential ingredients that cannot be ignored if we are to raise our standards in any area of life.

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CU 36: ‘Front-Line’ Doctor & Medical Researcher, Assoc Prof Jim Black

The Wellness Guys

Associate Professor Jim Black is a renowned medical researcher and doctor who cut his teeth performing ‘general duties’ in Mozambique, working at almost every clinical level in the country (from provincial hospital to rural health post).

After a master’s degree in public health in England and a year in research in Tanzania, he returned to Mozambique in 1994 and spent another four years as a provincial level epidemiologist. He has great respect for the front-line health workers who are the back-bone of developing country health services throughout the world.

Since 2007 he has been Associate Professor in Global Health in the University of Melbourne’s Nossal Institute for Global Health. His current research interests include the development of low-cost technology for health in develo

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Dallas McCarver – 2014 Offseason Arm Workout | Muscular Development


Dallas McCarver's Off-season July Arm Workout

Kai Greene – New York’s Biggest Superhero Attraction | Muscular Development


Kai Greene: New York's Biggest Superhero Attraction

Fat Burner of the Month – MuscleMeds: Phenbuterol | Muscular Development


Supplement Review: MuscleMeds - Phenbuterol

LL 80: Conscious Sex and Hook Ups

The Wellness Guys

Have you ever found yourself feeling used and disappointed after a one-night stand?
Do you struggle to follow the cues about whether someone wants a long-term relationship or not? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca unearth fascinating insights in oxytocin feel-good chemicals, hook-up culture, monogamy and the importance of sexual experimentation when conducted with self-love, healthy boundaries and conscious awareness.

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