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TWG 146: The Paleo Vegan with Ellen Jaffe Jones

The Wellness Guys

Ellen Jaffe Jones is an athlete, coach and vegan advocate who has written the book Paleo Vegan. At 61 years of age she is a nationally ranked senior runner taking an ancestral approach to her vegan diet. In this interview Ellen touches on a range of issues including just what is a Paleo Vegan and what it means in terms of inflammation, performance and overall health. So tune in for a great episode with this interesting lady!

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Five Tips For Losing Fat on A Paleo Diet

You’ve probably heard that the Paleo diet is a powerful tool that can allow you to change your body. But, like everything in nutrition nowadays, eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors is not so simple.

Muscle Building Meal Plans

I have something to sell you. I know that I very rarely ever use any of these blog posts to sell anything as most of what we do to actually make money is straight one-to-one personal training but there appears to be a need for the 4 weeks of muscle building meal plans that we have produced. Would Read more . . .

Vary your Deadlift and Maximize Results for the Posterior Chain and Quads

The deadlift is an excellent exercise for serious lifters and the general population. It works the glutes, hamstrings, quads, erector spinae, and trapezius muscle, and is great for everyday people who want to be lean and move without pain or injury.

TIP: Embrace Sleep

It's been called the "athlete's steroid" because it can boost athletic performance by as much as...

Singapore Personal Training!

A little under five years ago I opened our City of London personal training gym and set out into the great unknown.  Right from the offset, albeit secretly and only to myself because I realized how presumptuous and cocky it sounded, that gym was known as “the first gym”.  I knew that Read more . . .

Bro Foods & Flexible Dieting

I feel like an unfaithful husband. I have sorely neglected this, my long beloved blog, in favour of tarting it about on YouTube with self indulgent videos of my persona rants and "revelations".  To be fair the feedback has been humbling but it's time to write a little bit more on here again.  One Read more . . .

Five Reasons Everyone Should Deadlift

If you’re reading this, you probably agree that the deadlift is one of the BEST exercises out there.
It makes you strong and lean, athletic and confident. It inspires motivation and builds mental toughness. Deadlifts simply make everything...

TWG 145: The common themes of wellness

The Wellness Guys

This week The Wellness Guys talk about the common themes of wellness. So often the wellness movement takes on an almost gladiatorial feel as different wellness movements are pitted against each other. Vegan vs Paleo, interval training vs yoga or the slow movement vs the motivational speakers, the list could go on and on. But this week The Wellness Guys want to bring everyone together in peace and harmony so we have decided to focus on our similarities rather than our differences and the common things that most health and wellness experts can agree on. 

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The future of yogurt: scientific and regulatory needs [Supplement-First Global Summit on the Health Effects of Yogurt]

Lactation biology, microbial selection, and human diversity are central themes that could guide investment in scientific research, industrial innovation, and regulatory policy oversight to propel yogurt into the central role for health-promoting food products. The ability of yogurt to provide the nourishing properties of milk together with the live microorganisms from fermentation provides a unique combination of food assets. Academic research must now define the various targets on which these biological assets act to improve health and develop the metrics that can quantitatively document their benefits. The food industry must reconcile that yogurt and its microorganisms cannot be expected to provide measurable benefits for all consumers, at all doses, and at all times. A supportive regulatory oversight must demand safety and yet encourage innovations that support a value proposition for yogurt in health. Health valuation in the marketplace will be driven by parallel innovations, including accurate assessment technologies, validated microbial ingredients, and health-aware consumers.