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TWG 142: Chemicals that makes us fat depressed and toxic with Kim Morrison

The Wellness Guys

This week The Wellness Guys interview the gorgeous Kim Morrison from the Up For A Chat show. Kim is a wealth of information across a broad range of topics but this week we focus on the toxic chemicals in our personal care products and what they are doing to our hormonal system and our body. Tune in for some eye opening information that will have you racing to your medicine cabinet to check all your labels. 

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TWG 141: How we deal with stress

The Wellness Guys

This week Laurence and Damian talk about how they deal with Stress. Both working Dads with young families and several businesses on the go at once Laurence and Damian certainly know that life can get a bit hectic at times. So tune in to find out how they eat, think and move in times of stress and what you can do when you are under the pump. 

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Ten Things That Aren’t in My Shopping Cart (and Shouldn’t Be in Yours)

I might be sort of weird because I actually like to go grocery shopping. I usually start out with a list and I may stick to it, or I may ...

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TWG 140: Getting Massive with Dan John

The Wellness Guys

Over the last couple of years one question we have received from the fans time and time again is ‘how can I gain mass’? So we thought we would go right to the top and interview the expert of muscle gain and author of the book Mass Made Simple Dan John. Dan talks us through the importance of muscle mass, how to REALLY gain mass and muscle (if that is your aim) but also how these principles can be applied to everyday people if your goal is just to put on a healthy amount of lean muscle mass for wellness. So tune in for some pearls of wisdom (and some cracking one liners) from Dan (the man) John. 

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International Sports Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony | Muscular Development


International Sports Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony

Chris Tuttle Chest Workout – Offseason & In the Trenches | Muscular Development


Chris Tuttle - 2014 Off-season Chest Training

Jose Raymond Arrives in New Zealand for the New Zealand Pro 2014 | Muscular Development


Jose Raymond Arrives in NZ for the IFBB New Zealand Pro 2014

IFBB Pro Jamie Pinder & Gordon Falcetti – Back Workout Offseason | Muscular Development


IFBB Pro Jamie Pinder & Gordon Falcetti Train Back - Offseason

Jason Poston Delt Workout Part 2 – 10 Weeks Out from IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 2014 | Muscular Development


IFBB Pro Jason Poston Trains Delts - Part 2 - 10 Weeks Out!

NPC Phil Heath Classic 2014 – Competitor Workouts | Muscular Development


Competitor Workouts in prep for the 2014 NPC Phil Heath Classic!