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TWG 103: The Wellness Guys interview Rich Roll

Rich Roll is a vegan and an extraordinary athlete with an amazing personal story. Rich shares some of his personal experiences overcoming addiction and transforming his health and his life. He shares the secrets to how he ran 5 ultra … Continue reading

Does Dieting Make You Crabby?

I haven't written up a quiz in ages, so I thought I'd try my hand at one that might help you decide if your diet is making you miserable: Does Your Diet Make You Crabby?...

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Online Personal Training

Here’s what 8 weeks of online personal training with UP can do! If I’m going to be very honest with you, online personal training can be a thankless task – if getting results whilst doing one to one personal training is challenging then online personal training presents about a hundred fold Read more . . .

The Differences Between Training Men And Women

Are there differences between training men and women? I know that many of you correctly believe that most women in the mainstream should train more like men and ditch the treadmill and some of the zumba classes for resistance training sessions, and you would be right.  But something that many laypeople Read more . . .

Three Nutrition Lies We Tell Ourselves

Rachel Gurevich, our Guide to Infertility at suggested I make a list of lies we tell ourselves about eating -- basically how we stretch the truth about certain beneficial ...

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TWG 102: Succeeding with grief and loss

This week The Wellness Guys talk about grief and loss. This is something that everyone goes through at some stage in their life and there is no one right answer in regards to how to deal with it. The guys … Continue reading

Calories Are Not Important…Are They?

  There is an obesity epidemic of (pardon the pun) massive proportions all across the Western World and yet in Britain we eat fewer calories than ever before. Are we getting so fat just because we are lazy or is it that calories are not important? A study has just been released in the UK that Read more . . .

5 Superfoods That Do Gross Things to Your Body

Nothing's perfect, right? That includes things that are good for you, like superfoods. I've written a few articles (and even a book) on superfoods; mostly glowing accounts of their nutritional ...

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Branch Warren And IFBB Johnnie Jackson Back Training

Branch Warren And IFBB Johnnie Jackson Back Training

Branch Warren And IFBB Johnnie Jackson Back Training

New Dietary Supplement Label Database

The National Institutes of Health recently put together a database of dietary supplement labels. It's free -- anyone can look up specific products to see what the labels say. Right ...

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