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2012 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2012…more fresh, happy, motivated, fit and strong as ever!

Episode #24: Are sunscreens harmful to your health and the effects on Vitamin D

This week The Wellness Guys talk about one of the hottest topics going around in health  circles and in particular health research, Vitamin D. The boys discuss all the latest facts and research about just how important vitamin D is, where to … Continue reading

Skeleton Typogram

No more excuses for forgetting bone names!











Original – Here


Excellent motivational video compilation, after watching Kai Greene you’ll never consider failure as an option again…keep dreaming and keep believing!

12 Tips To Improve Your Chin Ups

Presented by Poliquin Performance’s Andre Benoit, this video tutorial shows you everything you need to know to improve your technique and optimize your strength gains with chin ups and pull ups.

Brought to you by Poliquin Institute

Episode #23: Staying Young

This week The Wellness Guys share their secrets to Staying Young. Dr Damian Kristof, Dr Brett Hill and Dr Laurence Tham talk about the difference between what is common and what is normal when it comes to ageing and show … Continue reading

Episode #22: Wellness Strategies for a Healthy Holiday

Laurence has just returned from a nice family trip to Bali so this week The Wellness Guys decided to talk about how to have a happy healthy holiday.  Laurence shares with us his top 10 tips for having a fantastic holiday and … Continue reading

Giant Sets Training

Giant Sets Training - When You Don't Know Well Enough To Take Your Hand Out Of The Sweetie Jar! The first time I saw Charles Poliquin’s gym in Rhode Island he commented that I was like the proverbial kid in the candy store, rushing around from machine to machine to have a play around and “feel” Read more . . .

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Episode #21: How to have a healthy bowel function

This week The Wellness Guys decided to talk about Dr Damian Kristof’s favourite topic, digestion (or more particularly poo). The Wellness Guys share with you everything you need to know (top to bottom) about your digestive system and how to make … Continue reading