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Episode #16: Move your butt!

In this week’s episode The Wellness Guys talk about “moving your butt”. Our bodies are designed to move and on our modern world we often just don’t move enough. The Wellness Guys talk about the neurological and  wellness benefits of … Continue reading

Episode #15: Why Breast is Best with Rebecca Dettman

In this week’s episode The Wellness Guys talk about breasts, well breastfeeding anyway. And since we don’t have a set of our own we decided to call in an expert, Rebecca Dettman. Over the course of the interview we cover … Continue reading

Episode #14 – Fish – is mercury that bad for us?

In this week’s episode The Wellness Guys get a little bit fishy. This week we look into the topic of fish. What are the pro’s and con’s of eating fish? Should we eat them? If so what types should we … Continue reading

Episode #13 – The Wellness Guys “Exposed”

In this week’s episode The Wellness Guys reveal all their dirty little health secrets. This week we did some digging and found out that The Wellness Guys weren’t always so wholesome and pure. We look at where the guys have … Continue reading

Ready for the 2012 Olympics?

As this year winds down, many athletes worldwide are winding up for next year's big summer games. The 2012 Olympics are scheduled to take place in London, England, and the city has been busy with preparation for their moment in the world's spotlight. With all the excitement built up from the games of 2004 and 2008, next year's competition promises fierce rivalries and thrilling victories. 
It is no secret that these athletes have been preparing, many for their entire lives, for the few weeks of July 27 through August 12. The games will include track and field, soccer, basketball, swimming, equestrian, cycling, tennis, and gymnastics, just to name a few. That means we'll be seeing returning champions like the USA's Michael Phelps racing through the pool and Jamaica's Usain Bolt flying around the track once again, hoping to win a few more gold medals for their impressive collections. There are over 200 nations expected to participate in the upcoming games promising many new heroes to rise to glory while the world watches. No doubt viewers will witness all the excitement of exalting victories and crushing defeats as the games progress and those ellusive medals are claimed one by one.
London has built the games park in the Stratford area of the city and has already seen an increase in tourism to the area as fans flock to preview the new facilities. Though most of us won't be able to travel to the historic city to witness the event firsthand, the games will be available in HD and with extra features to viewers with DirecTV at home. Those without satellite or cable can find great Direct TV deals for new customers online. Plans for parties and gatherings to cheer on national heroes have already started being planned as fans gear up their living rooms and patriotism for next summer. Wherever you are, the 2012 Olympics will certainly not be something to miss.

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Ready for the 2012 Olympics?

Mr Olympia 2011

…e o grande vencedor é…

…após uma luta renhida…

…após muitas apostas em contrário…

…e após anos de tentativas…

…e contra todos os que apostavam em Jay Cutler

Phil Heath!



Altura : 175 cm
Peso (Competição) : 110 kg
Peso (Off-Season) : 130 kg
Braço: 57 cm
Perna: 81 cm
Gémeo: 52 cm
Pescoço: 47 cm
Cintura: 74 cm
Peito: 140 cm

Episode #12: How to be a Caveman – An Interview with The Adelaide Cavemen

In this week’s episode The Wellness Guys go back 20,000 years to speak with one of the Adelaide Cavemen to discuss the shifts and changes in lifestyle that we have encountered in just the last 200 years or so. We … Continue reading