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Episode #7: How to influence your genetic potential

  In this week’s episode The Wellness Guys reignite the old nature vs. nurture debate. So often in recent years are genes have been blamed for any number of ailments and chronic diseases but is this really true? How can a disease … Continue reading

Episode 6 – Are you STRESSED out?

Are you stressed? Have you noticed that the stress levels of those around you seem to be going up every year? In this episode The Wellness Guys discuss what the stress response is designed for, why it is switched on … Continue reading

Episode #5: Do we need Vitamins and Minerals supplementation?

Do we need to take supplements? If so which ones should we take and how much?  In this episode we discuss the need forvitamins and minerals. We talk about the importance of a healthy diet and what has changed in … Continue reading

Diabetes Around the World – Infográfico

A diabetes é uma doença que afecta cada vez mais população no mundo (285 milhões de pessoas, para ser mais exacto). Para os curiosos, aqui fica um infográfico ilustrativo da dispersão da diabetes, com o título Diabetes Around the World.

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Diabetes Around the World | Infographic |
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Episode #4: The importance of Resistance Exercise

Resistance exercise is not just for gym junkies. The Wellness Guys explain the benefits of resistance exercise for people of all ages and explain how it can be tailored in a safe, healthy way to make sure you get all … Continue reading